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Hull College Vocational Courses

14-16 College provides a specialised vocational curriculum for focused students wanting to broaden their horizons from year 10 onwards.

Our students are able to choose vocational subjects in the areas that interest them alongside their core GCSEs in English, maths and science subjects.   Specialist vocational facilities and industry-trained and experienced tutors provide an unrivalled grounding in their chosen vocation, where they are able to develop the skills needed to succeed. The College provides an alternative choice for dedicated students with the commitment and focus to succeed.

From the time you arrive you will find experienced tutors providing the highest standards for learning and excellent opportunities to progress to a dream job or further study up to degree level.  Students benefit from smaller class sizes, individual support and a secure zone dedicated to 14-16 College students.  Students will have a clear progression route into further and higher education within the College, which will give them the opportunity to specialise in their chosen career.

14-16 College offers core academic subjects as well as vocational specialisms, creating unique pathways designed around students’ interests and future aspirations.

An academic timetable takes up the significant part of every student’s studies. Core GCSEs are a mandatory part of mainstream studies and gaining English & maths will be a priority in order to provide wider progression options for all students.

Specialist Pathways

Students will each choose two specialist vocational subjects from a range of pathways. Studying over two years, students will gain in-depth knowledge, practical skills and expertise in their chosen pathways. All vocational qualifications are equivalent to GCSEs and help students gain a fuller understanding of their chosen industries.

Having the opportunity to experience a range of different subjects will help students to develop their future aspirations and employability and begin to understand their strengths, interests and skills and how they can be applied to the wider world of work.  Specialisms include:

  • Sport
  • Art
  • Construction
  • Health and Social Care
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Child Care
  • Catering
  • Film Studies