Hull College 24+ Loans

Hull College 24+ Loans

You can apply for an Advanced Learning Loan to help with the costs of your training course if you are 24 or older.

Repayments don’t start until April 2016 and you won’t have to pay anything back until you earn more than £21,000 a year.

The loan doesn’t depend on your income and there are no credit checks. You can get independent money advice from the Money Advice Service.

Your monthly repayments might not be as much as you would expect – the Student Finance calculator can help you check affordability.

You don’t have to borrow the full cost of your course – you can pay for some of it yourself.

We can assist you to apply for this loan, and the good news is it is quite simple and straightforward.  You could increase your future earning potential by over £100,000 over the course of your career by gaining a Level 3 (Advanced) qualification.  If you undertook and achieved a Level 4 (Higher) qualification, this amount would increase significantly more.

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Contact your nearest YH Training Centre or telephone 0800 542 2848

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