H. D. Allen University of Cambridge UK

H. D. Allen University of Cambridge UK

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Harriet D Allen MA MSc PhD

University Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Girton College

Physical geographer with a special interest in biogeography, Quaternary and environmental change.


  • 2002-present Fellow,Tutor & Director of Studies, Girton College, Cambridge
  • 2001-present Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
  • 1986-2001 Senior Lecturer in Geography, Homerton College, Cambridge


  • MA Geography, University of Cambridge (Girton College)
  • MSc Geography, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada: A dendrochronological record from the Slims Valley, Yukon, Canada
  • PhD University of Cambridge: Late Quaternary of the Kopais Basin, Greece: sedimentary & environmental history


Harriet Allen is a member of the Geography Department’s Environmental Systems and Processes research group.

Harriet is a physical geographer with a range of research interests which focus on

  • Modelling the vegetation structure of Mediterranean ecosystems
  • The response of ecosystems to environmental change
  • Palaeoecological evidence for Holocene and contemporary environmental change

These areas of interest are firmly located within Mediterranean environments.

Current projects include:

  • Mediterrranean wood pastures for biodiversity – making the lynx
  • Modelling the landscape ecology of Mediterranean shrubland ecosystems.
  • Use of airborne LiDAR to characterise vegetation communities.
  • Use of multisensor ariborne data to model Mediterranean sclerophyllous vegetation communities (Crete and Portugal).
  • Holocene and contemporary vegetation dynamics of Mediterranean ecosystems.