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Falmouth University of Art, Visual arts have been practised and taught at Falmouth for over a century, and we have an established reputation for creative excellence, which we are always seeking to improve. Cornwall has long attracted creative practitioners, such as the St Ives artists who relocated here in the mid-20th century to produce internationally acclaimed work. They lived locally but operated globally, which is how we encourage our students to work today.

Building on this prestigious legacy in a contemporary context, The Falmouth School of Art is committed to studio culture, which encourages both the discipline and supportive peer networks that help sustain successful careers in today’s highly competitive creative industries. Primarily located at the Falmouth Campus in a subtropical garden, our studios and workshop facilities provide an exceptional environment for thinking and making, fostering experimentation, innovation and critical dialogue.


Our students look at the world differently, questioning conventions, analysing problems, imagining possibilities. They face the ‘blank canvas’ – both literally and metaphorically – with confidence and experience, crafting ideas and language through a broad range of traditional and contemporary media. As with generations of artists before them, they provide the creative industries with a rich and vital seam of inspiration.

We support the development of individual and collaborative creative practices in the disciplines of art, illustration and drawing. We value the importance of core skills, both the handmade and the digital. Whatever medium or combination of media you work in, and whatever your approach or strategy, you’ll be encouraged to attain a high level of critical engagement and technical skill, as well as a strong sense of your own identity. At Falmouth there is no ‘house style’.


Well connected regionally, nationally and internationally, the School promotes engagement with the world beyond the studio, particularly through the development of industry contacts and professional ways of working. Our partners and contacts range from internationally renowned galleries and museums such as Tate St Ives, Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, the National Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum, to agencies and associations including HarperCollins, Penguin Books, The Association of Illustrators, The Folio Society and Arena
Illustration Agency, as well as key regional organisations such as the National Trust.

We also think it’s important to create opportunities for you to showcase work nationally and internationally. For example, Illustration students present their portfolios to agents in New York, while some graduating Fine Art students are selected to exhibit work in London.