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A Campus for the 21st Century

Our campus is now one of the finest in the country. Over the last few years we have invested £136 million to make it the very definition of a modern, 21st century place to study.

Located right in the heart of Leicester, DMU is a blend of the historic and the new, respecting the tradition of the area and its buildings while at the same time creating a new legacy of our own.

At the heart of it is our stunning new Vijay Patel Building, which houses our art and design courses in a building as creative as the students who study there. Surrounding that we have our newly-refurbished Campus Centre, home of the De Montfort Students’ Union, our striking Hugh Aston building for business and law, our magnificent 19th century Hawthorn building for health and life sciences and many others.

We have also spent £4.2 million restoring Leicester Castle – located right on the edge of our campus – giving new life to this historic gem and making it the base of our Leicester Castle Business School. On top of that there are many fine places to eat and drink, to learn, to study and to live, all in a beautifully landscaped environment. Take a look around it below.

Places to eat and drink
Places to study
Campus Centre: the home of student life
Leicester Castle Business School
Vijay Patel Building
The Venue@DMU
Mill Lane