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I understand that my participation in this project will involve completing a questionnaire on aspects of my well-being in relation to my work experiences, self-perception, attitudes and behaviours, and mental and physical health which will take approximately 30 minutes of my time.

I understand that participation in this study is entirely voluntary and that I can withdraw from the study at any time without giving a reason and without loss of  the opportunity for payment.

I understand that I am free to avoid responding to any questions that I feel uncomfortable answering and that I can discuss my concerns with Kenisha Nelson (PhD Student) or Professor Andy Smith (supervisor) at the email addresses below.

I understand that the information provided by me will be held totally anonymous, with my email address provided separately for payment purposes, so that it is impossible to trace my responses back to me individually. I understand that this information may be retained indefinitely.

I also understand that at the end of the study I will be provided with additional information and feedback about the purpose of the study.

By checking the box below and continuing, I consent to participate in the study conducted by Kenisha Nelson , PhD student (, School of Psychology, Cardiff University) with the supervision of Professor Andy Smith ( ).

I have read and understood the above statement and consent to participate.