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This form is only to be used by students who are withdrawing from Canterbury Christ Church University, or formally interrupting their studies. We will need confirmation from Registry that this has happened.

If you are doing this after 1st April of the academic year, the accommodation end date will remain as the original contract end date. You can leave earlier, but you are charged the accommodation fees up to the original end date.

Please refer to your Licence Agreement for further information on withdrawing/interrupting from University Accommodation.



  • must provide confirmation from your academic department/Registry confirming your withdrawal and the date of withdrawal or interruption. This must be given to the accommodation team. You can send this by email to, or by completing and returning this form.
  • will still have to pay rent due to date, plus 4 weeks’ rent after the date you notify the accommodation team, If you do this before 31stMarch (unless a replacement student can move in earlier, which is usually unlikely after October). If you start the accommodation withdrawal process after 1st April of your academic year, the accommodation end date will remain as the original licence contract end date (usually June).
  • will be expected to leave the accommodation straightaway (within 24/48 hours), to ensure you do not disturb other students who are studying.  If you require a few days extra, please contact us.
  • must leave your room clean and empty, or you may incur charges for room cleaning and/or any damage

What happens next?

  1. We receive your form, and check with Registry.
  2. We confirm with you that details are correct or not.
  3. If not confirmed by Registry, you need to liaise with them as you remain responsible for the full licence period fees until this is done and your details updated.
  4. Once updated by Registry, we will confirm via your personal email address, the date your licence obligations and fees end. You need to return all keys/access cards/fobs to the relevant Security Reception area.  Make sure you get a dated receipt for the keys from Security.
  5. Please make sure your room has been left clean and tidy.  We will check the room is empty and in good condition. We will recharge you for any damage or removal of belongings and cleaning needed.
  6. Please note there is a £50 administration fee to be added to your account if there is early release.  If there are any outstanding fees on your accommodation account, you need to liaise with Finance to repay these. (email phone 01227 782228).

Once you have left, if we can re-let the room within the notice period, we will do so, and reduce the period you would have to pay for. However, please note this may not happen, and we would let other empty rooms first.


Tell us about yourself
Full Name: Student ID No:
Type of Student (eg UG/PG): Year of Study:
Room No & Address:




Mobile No:


Withdrawal / Interruption information

Course: Date you are leaving course / date you officially left (please note this will not be the date you last attended a lecture for example)



Date: Date you are planning to leave accommodation

(remember to book your Room Inspection and return your keys)



Reason for withdrawing:



Please add any additional information






Signature: ……………………………………………………………….  Date: …………………………………………………………….