Canterbury Christ Church University Freshers 2017

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Canterbury Christ Church University Freshers 2017

Dates 2017-18

Key Dates
Academic Year Fri 1 Sep 2017 – Fri 31 Aug 2018
Easter Good Friday, 30 Mar 2018 – Easter Monday, 2 Apr 2018
Bank Holidays
Student Holidays (non-teaching)

Semester/Term Dates

The following outlines University semester/term dates, as well as specific programmes of study within the Faculties of Education and Health and Wellbeing.

Please note:

There are a number of courses, including Apprenticeships, where dates and holidays may vary depending upon placements, professional body requirements, Local Authority School dates, etc.  Students should therefore refer to their School/Programme Lead through the University’s student portal/Blackboard or Individual Student Timetables for information on dates for their individual course of study.

University Semester Dates (Undergraduate and General English Programmes)

Following extensive consultation with students and staff, the structure of the undergraduate academic year (except where there is a variation due to professional body requirements etc.) will be changing in 2017 -18 from three terms to two semesters.

The new structure will support the University’s commitment to work in partnership with its students to deliver an outstanding education, excellent student experience and the best possible opportunities for success.

Welcome and Induction (Undergraduate students only) Mon 18 Sep 2017 – Fri 22 Sep 2017
Semester 1 Mon 25 Sep 2017 – Fri 19 Jan 2018
Formal Assessment/ Examination Period Mon 8 Jan 2018 – Fri 19 Jan 2018
Semester 2 Mon 22 Jan 2018 – Fri 18 May 2018
Formal Assessment/ Examination Period Tue 8 May 2018 – Fri 18 May 2018
Reassessment period Mon 18 Jun 2018 – Fri 21 Jul 2018

University Term Dates (Postgraduate)

Michaelmas Term Mon 25 Sep 2017 – Fri 8 Dec 2017
Lent Term Tue 2 Jan 2018 – Fri 16 Mar 2018
Trinity Term
Mon 16 Apr 2018 – Fri 15 Jun 2018

Faculty of Education

PGCE (Full-time) Term Dates

PGCE (part-time) Term Dates

BA Hons Primary Education Term Dates

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Pre-registration Interprofessional Learning