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This is a three-year degree, or two-year diploma, designed to prepare you for general management. All our business programmes at Broadstairs are essentially practical in nature. You will receive relevant knowledge and understanding of organisations, the external environment in which they operate and how they are managed. The inter-relationships among and the integration of these areas will form part of your overall student learning experience.

Assessments include a range of methods but do not feature formal examinations. A particularly innovative feature is the link with local organisations in the final stage of the degree provided by the Problem Orientated Project module. This is also available if you choose Business Management (Retail). You can also expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of business ethics and demonstrate the relevance of ethics in business.

We provide a high-quality, broad-based and sound foundation for those wanting to pursue roles in business and/or management in a positive learning environment. We pride ourselves on approachability and ensure our students have access to their tutors within drop-in sessions and office hours. Our students tell us that Broadstairs is a friendly and safe campus, and call it ‘our family campus’. It is a comparatively small campus and has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Although most students are from the UK, EU and overseas students find it particularly attractive.


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