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Accessing the network

All of our students and staff members are entitled to a Brunel Network Account. This account you access to the internet, email, wireless and many more services. The list below briefly explains some of the computing services available.

Brunel Network Account (username and password)

During the online enrolment/registration process, new students joining us will be given a Brunel Network Account which consists of a username and password.

Please bring your University identification (student ID card) when registering for network access. New staff joining the University should bring to the Computing Support office any document that states they are employed by Brunel University as proof of identity.To quicken the process ask your department to inform the Computing Support team in advance so the details are ready for collection. Queries related to network access can be directed to the computing support team.

We recommend that you work through the first three items as quickly as possible to set up your network access. All the other information will help you with Computer Centre service information as well as what the account provides.


1.  Obtain a Brunel Network Account

  • If you are unable to obtain a Network Account then contact the computing support team
  • If you are a distance learning student and you have forgotten your password, then you will need to ask your departmental administrator or supervisor to obtain a new password on your behalf from the computing support team.

2.  Register with the Password Portal Service

  • To enable you to reset your password online, register on the Password Portal
  • NOTE: If you change your network password, then remember to change it on all your personal devices as well as disconnect and reconnect mapped drives, otherwise your device will continue to access using the old password and will then lock your account. If the account is locked out then you will be able to reset the password from the Password Portal. If you have not registered on the Password Portal, then you will be required to come in person to the Computer Centre Service Desk for a new one.

3.  Register with Connect Portal Service (optional)

This will enable you to connect your personal devices or if you need to download statistical information. Click Connect Portal to register.

A Network Account provides the following:

Access to the network, Intranet, virtual learning environments and library resources.

To help you with organising, planning and delivering your academic work, the Centre provides the following:

  • Your own file store called home drive (h:\) with quota allocated and files backed up regularly.
  • Google Mail account for UG/PGT students – unlimited quota available
  • Outlook Web Access for PGR students: Webmail
  • Ability to map printers and h:\ drive on to personal devices: Connect Portal
  • Printing and PC workareas available 24/7
  • Access to temporary storage for large file transfers using Dropoff.

 Brunel university london intranet

Trouble logging in

If you are having problems accessing our site our the intranet try the following:

    1. Are you entering the correct details (username and password)? Students have both a ‘Student ID Number’ and a ‘Network Account’ username as well as two passwords.
    2. Have you forgotten your password, or has your password expired? You can reset your password, provided that you have registered with the online Password Portal service.

If you are still having difficulties get in touch with our computing support team.

Service problems

If you wish to inform us of a service issue, or wish to keep up-to-date on our service statuses, use our services app, however you would need to have subscribed first.

You can subscribe to services to receive email notifications, please Click here to subscribe.

Once you have done this, you can click here to update a service or if you administrate this page click here to make an announcement regarding a service.


For privately owned PCs, access is available to our network via the Connect services. PCs must be registered via the Connect Portal and must meet our mandatory minimum antivirus and security requirements. Visit the Connect Portal for details on connecting from halls of residence or wirelessly on campus. Connect offers you a number of ways to use your registered personal computer on our network in support of your learning and research activities throughout your time at the university.

Wifi Brunel Resnet  Any Connect VPN
Wifi@Brunel is our
wireless service which we
offer for connecting laptops.
ResNet is the wired network
installed within the halls of
residence at Brunel University.
The AnyConnect VPN service
allows users who are off-campus
access to the Brunel Data Network.