Brunel university london fine art

Brunel university london fine art

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About the College

The College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences comprises subjects that sit together logically and dynamically, allowing collegial and mutually beneficial relationships to be formed.

Within the College are featured the following departments: Arts and Humanities; Politics, History and Law School; Economics and Finance; Social Sciences, Media and Communications; Education; and the Brunel Business School. Drawing upon the previous School Structure of the University, the College combines excellence from various disciplines, such as the Brunel Business School that holds a Times Higher Education Award.

Attracted to the University from across the globe, students who study in the College will be taught by international leaders in their respective fields. We offer education programmes that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and creative thinking, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared for their future careers and can contribute to society.

Together, the College departments produce ground-breaking research and educational programmes that addresses the challenges facing society. Alongside other research produced by the University, the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences changes the lives of people around the world by bringing economic, social and cultural benefits.

Brunel university london fine art


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