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Blackpool and The Fylde College Student Union

The Students’ Union (SU) at B&FC is your union. It’s made up of students that you elect each year, who listen to the student voice and respond to your wants and needs. The SU represents students on a range of issues, including equality and diversity, education and social activities, with the aim of ensuring your time here is as interesting and enjoyable as possible.

National Union of Students (NUS)

When you join the SU, you automatically become a member of the National Union of Students (NUS) , which means you are represented on a national level. It also means you have access to discounts from a vast range of online and high street stores through the NUS Extra Card . The card costs £12, with £4 of every sale going towards our own SU. If you’re doing an Apprenticeship, the NUS has now developed the Apprentice Extra Discount Card to give you the same discounts and benefits as other students.

What we do

Provide general funding

An annual grant from the college, together with funds raised through events and sales of the NUS Extra Card, allows us to contribute towards activities, campaigns and training for the benefit of the wider student population.

If you would like to apply for funding, you can either call in to pick up an application form or email . The Students’ Union Executive Committee will then consider your application and how much money, if any, to donate.

Fund clubs and societies

We can provide money for equipment, materials or even trips. There are lots of clubs and societies run on campus, but if you don’t see one you like then simply start your own.

Application forms are available from the SU or you can download one from Moodle. You’ll need at least 10 members to get started and 3 people to run the club. If the Executive Committee approves your application, we can also offer you ongoing support with your activities – come and talk to us to find out more.

Support student events

The SU gets involved in a whole range of events, from freshers fairs and Fairtrade Fortnight to Healthy College Week. Organising an event can give you a great sense of personal achievement as well as benefit those involved.

If you have an idea for an event you’d like to run, we can provide advice and information to help you make it happen. Email  to get the ball rolling.

Promote equality and diversity

The SU work alongside the College’s own Equality and Diversity Wellbeing Officer to make sure no-one feels discriminated against. We also run an annual anti-bullying campaign as well as take part in Blackpool Pride.

Encourage Fairtrade

The SU is passionate about human rights and so we’re proud to support Fairtrade. Our Fairtrade Steering Group is made up of students who meet regularly with College staff to encourage and promote Fairtrade at B&FC.

If you would like to get involved and help us build awareness of this important issue contact .

Get involved

  • Be an Elected Officer – The Students’ Union Executive Committee (SU Exec) is an elected group of student volunteers, who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the SU as well as specific areas such as Entertainments. If you’re interested in becoming an elected officer, please contact us for details of the next round of elections.
  • Be a Student Representative – The SU Exec is also made up of Student Representatives (Reps), who look after the interests of their academic areas on the committee. As a rep your responsibilities would involve identifying student concerns, attending meetings to address these concerns and liaising between students, the SU and staff.

Student Rep guides are available from tutors, the 14-19 Team, SU Offices or the SU Moodle page.

  • Be available – If you can’t commit to being either an elected officer or a student rep, why not help out when you can. We’re always on the lookout for people who could lend a hand at events or with promotions – just get in touch and let us know when you’re available.

What you get out of being involved

  • You get to make B&FC even better
  • It’s great work experience and looks amazing on your CV
  • Develop your confidence, gain new skills and receive additional training
  • Travel to liaise with the NUS and take part in national activities
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Team-building trips, free lunches, a personalised hoodie and a FREE NUS Extra Card

Contact us

In person:

Bispham Campus  – Retreat refectory (just off the main reception area)

By phone:

Bispham Campus – 01253 504154

University Centre – 01253 504517

By email:

Our Sabbatical Officer:

David Barker – Tel: 01253 504517 or Email:

Social media:

Twitter: @bfcsu

Please note: Facebook is not accessible from the College network