Bishop Grosseteste University Theology

Bishop Grosseteste University Theology

Bishop Grossteste University logoThis course offers a different type of Theology and Ethics – we like to think of it as Theology ‘with its sleeves rolled up’. Our hands-on programme will take you beyond the classroom and open doors that have the potential to change your life and make a difference to the world you inhabit.

What you will study

In your first year you will pursue four core modules that will provide the foundations for the rest of your study in years two and three. These modules will cover the course of western philosophy, cover backgrounds to the world’s major religions, explore the world of Ethics and will take you on a journey to uncover the history of religions, bringing it right up to date with some of the new religions and cults in Britain.

Your second year will give you the chance to pursue specialist modules. These modules cover exciting subjects such as Religion and Sexuality, Religion and Science, Holocaust Education and Green Theology. Placements will be available throughout the degree, with our range of partners including charities, schools and third sector groups.

In your final year, you will once more pursue specialist modules on cutting edge subjects such as Atheism, Women and faiths, Religion and Terrorism, and Media and Message. If you are thinking about a career in teaching these specialist modules are ideal for helping you develop skills as an RE teacher and prepare you for a PGCE course. However, we also expect students to be interested in a range of other careers such as those in the public sector, NGOs, international development and charities.