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At BGSU, we strive to make sure that your student experience is the best it can be. We want your experience at university to more than just studying and work; you need to be able to have fun, do exciting and different things and meet lots of new and interesting people so that when you finish your time here, you will not only have a well-earned degree but be compassionate, innovative and well-rounded individuals. Getting involved with BGSU gives you all the opportunities and experiences to do just that.
Who are we?

BGSU is an independent body and our Executive team comprises of two full-time graduate roles of the SU President and the Vice President who are surrounded and supported by part-time officers, elected from the student body. Our sole aim is to represent every single student on campus, no matter who you are. We run a successful academic representation scheme to make sure the course you’re on is being run fairly and that you feel supported and confident in what you’re doing.

How we can help you

Our welfare services are deigned to try and make sure that you’re happy, healthy and having fun. As well as this we make sure that students get a fair deal – both nationally and locally and we lobby those above us to make sure you’re getting the best out of your time here at BGU.

Representation is one of the main focuses here at BGSU. The Student Council is held every month and this is one of the ways in which our students can voice issues, complaints or compliments and submit motions for council to debate and vote on. Student Council is also a chance for you to find out what work the SU is doing on your behalf and how you can get involved. BGSU runs a successful Student Representative Scheme so that students can represent themselves and others in their course group and student communities to the SU, and to members of staff at the university.

We have a wide range of established societies from cheerleading to poker which anyone can join and take part in to meet new friends, do something that you love or just get involved. The SU also has several sports clubs such as the men’s football, rugby union, badminton and netball clubs which take part in national leagues. If there is something that you like doing and there isn’t a society or club for that activity then you can easily set up your own for other people to join. Your SU Team know all about great entertainment and host a range of fantastic events including talent competitions, comedians, hypnotists, magicians, laser questing and band nights, just to name a few. BGSU aim to provide amazing opportunities designed to make your time at BGU the most memorable of your life.

How you can help others

The SU runs a wide range of campaigns such as a campaign against cuts to the Disabled Students Allowance, attended NUS National Demonstrations and we have also just begun the NUS Green Impact championing green initiatives and sustainability. All our campaigns are student led and anyone can get involved. If you want to help raise money for charity, or have a charity that you want the SU to support, then head in the direction of RAG. Raise And Give (RAG) is all about charity and raising money to help others. In the past we have supported Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Help for Heroes and the Teenage Cancer Trust and many, many more by holding events and campaigns. You can even develop your own campaign and receive help from us with the organisation. We can advise you on funding and even publicise the project. In addition to this we also offer new and exciting volunteering opportunities for you to take part in, with projects in the past including a three week volunteering trip to Romania, and Hitch – a hitch-hike to Morocco or Croatia.

Come and say hello!

We want everyone to access to the services we offer and our door is always open to all of our students. Give us a bell 01522 583714, drop us a line or come and see us in the SU Building. Make sure to check out the BGSU website for more information on our team, how to get involved and what events and activities we’ve got planned.

Becca Smith
SU President