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Primary Education with QTS

The three-year Primary Education course at BGU is designed to allow you to study a vocational honours degree in Primary Education leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). It provides an integrated academic and professional preparation for teaching. If you believe that you can inspire children to learn and are passionate about the role that primary education plays in shaping a child’s future, then this is the course for you.

The course team will work with you to enhance and develop your understanding of learning and teaching. You will spend time in school throughout the course and will be encouraged and supported as you learn to develop effective and motivating ways to teach the whole curriculum to primary aged children. You will explore the theory and practice of primary education and develop a personal philosophy that will underpin all that you seek to achieve with the children you teach.

How to apply

Undergraduate course applicants must apply via UCAS using the relevant UCAS code. The application fee is £12 for a single choice or £23 for more than one choice. For all applicants, there are full instructions at UCAS to make it as easy as possible for you to fill in your online application, plus help text where appropriate.