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Psychology has a science base, yet includes a balance of liberal arts, technological knowledge, maths and computer-based skills. As well as classic psychological theories and research, you’ll be debating social issues, studying mental processes, and exploring current issues and topics.

As well as applying psychological knowledge to a range of subjects, you will develop your skills in problem solving, data analysis and predicting and reasoning, with a focus on real-world application.

With research-informed teaching and research-active staff, you’ll receive scientific training and gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of the subject, at the same time as applying your knowledge and theory to real-life. You’ll learn about specific mental processes, such as memory, language and control of behaviour, as well as broader issues and theories – both historical and contemporary.

What you will study

You will study a range of modules which align with the British Psychological Society’s core areas of knowledge. These lay the foundation for further study and a career in psychology or psychology related areas. Depending on your course combination, these modules may include:

  • Foundations of Biological Psychology – study the basic concepts of the physiological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying the generation and control of behaviour throughout the lifespan
  • Psychology in Society – gain a critical understanding of the main areas of social psychology and question theories of how people think, feel and act in relation to others and the world around them
  • Understanding Personality and Individual Differences – focus on current and past understanding of personality and individual differences and learn about atypical development and disorders at different points of human development
  • Advanced Qualitative Research in Health and Wellbeing – introduces you to advanced and detailed methodologies designed to explore the richness of experience, with a particular emphasis on current issues in health behaviour.

Throughout the course you will also be taught to understand and to use a variety of research methods, preparing you to undertake an individual supervised research project in year 3 in an area of psychological inquiry of particular interest you and your career aspirations.