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Parking Permits

Any authorised user wishing to park a vehicle must display an up‐to‐date permit. All parking is on a first come first served basis and a permit does not guarantee a parking space. Staff permits will be valid during the person’s employment. Permit holders are required to notify reception of any change in personal circumstances which affects their point allocation. Failure to do so may result in a permit being withdrawn. If a permit is not collected within one month of issue, it will be withdrawn.

Car Park Barriers

In order to exit the car park you will need your student ID card. This card will be issued with your parking permit at the start of the academic year and it is therefore important that you return your request for a permit by the date stated on your letter so that the forms can be processed. There is no fee payable for your Student ID card. However if your card is lost a charge of £10 will be made for a replacement card
Barrier Timings: Monday – Friday up 16.00
down 23.00
Saturday – Sunday up 07.00
down 23.00

Waiting list

If all applicants cannot be issued with a permit, a waiting list will be established. Individuals with the highest number of points will be offered a permit as they become available. The waiting list will not apply to those individuals requiring a permit on disability or health grounds.

Visitor Parking

A limited number of visitor parking spaces will be available. Blue badge holders will not require a permit but should inform reception of their arrival indicating who they are visiting. All vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk and Bishop Grosseteste University accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage that occurs to any vehicle or its contents while the
vehicle is on University grounds, whether permission has been granted or not.


Penalties will be actioned for breaches of policy. These include but are not limited to:

  • Unauthorised parking
  • Authorised parking in non‐designated areas
  • Parking in such a way as to cause an obstruction
  • Displaying an invalid permit
  • Unauthorised use of disabled bays
  • Falsification of applications and/or passing proximity cards to others (this will be treated immediately as a breach warranting withdrawal of permit). Following a breach of policy, a warning notice will be placed on the windscreen, which will include further action if the vehicle is in breach of policy a second time. On the second occasion, the vehicle will have a very sticky notice applied to the windscreen (removal of which is by the driver using water and an ice scraper) and further breaches will be subject to a series of fines. Failure to pay the initial fine will result in the charge being increased by £5 per day until payment is received. Should the policy be breached on a third occasion, the permit will be withdrawn.

Parking Permit Assessment Form

Please read the following notes in conjunction with the form:

  • Permanently = every day
    Regularly = twice or more in a week
    Occasionally = once a week or less
    Essential Car User (staff only) = those individuals whose duties are of such a nature that it is in the interests of the University for them to have their car at their immediate disposal. In addition, usage must be on a regular basis with a minimum average of once per week in term time.
  • The same criteria will be used for assessing both staff and student applications.
  • Points will only be counted for one of the criterion in each section (A, B, C etc). Where an individual would qualify under more than one criterion, the criterion scoring the highest points will be counted.
  • The points from each section will be added together and those with the highest number of points will be offered permits, subject to availability.
  • Hours of work/study refer to contractual hours which are a requirement of the job/course.
  • Tutors will be required to confirm hours of study
  • Line Managers will be required to confirm contractual hours of work and essential car user status.
  • Student addresses will be checked against the central record of term‐time addresses and any student found to be giving a false address or any other false information to increase their chances of being granted a permit will be immediately penalised by removal of all parking rights on campus for the duration of their course.

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