Bishop Grosseteste University Financial Statements

Bishop Grosseteste University Financial Statements

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Financial Reports and Information

University Financial Statements

To view further information on the University’s funding/income, budgetary and account information, financial audit reports and financial statements, please visit the Budget section in the FOI area of the University website.

As a registered charity additional information and financial reports are available via the Charity Commission website at the following web address or by searching for charity number 527276 on the Charity Commission website.


Financial Statements 2010-11

Class Description Manner Fee
2a Funding / Income Income 2015 Website No
2b Budgetary and account information Expenditure 2015 Website No
2c Financial audit reports Financial Statements 2014-15
Financial Statements 2013-14
Financial Statements 2012-13
Financial Statements 2011-12
Financial Statements 2010-11
Website No
2d Capital programme Please submit an FOI request
2e Financial regulations and procedures Financial regulations Website No
2f Staff pay and grading structures Salary scales and other benefits Paper No
2g Register of suppliers Please submit an FOI request
2h Procurement and tender procedures and reports Regulations regarding tendering for building works Paper Yes
2i Contracts Please submit an FOI request
2j Research funding Research funding information Paper Yes

General Enquiries

Please direct any general financial enquiries to:

Finance Department
Bishop Grosseteste University
Longdales Road