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The Venue cinema is a great place to enjoy the best in entertainment. Although it’s located here on the BGU campus, everyone is welcome to come and watch the latest blockbuster, a live screening of a world famous play or even a unique student production. Throughout the year, The Venue also plays host to a range of outside performers, so there is always something going on.

The Venue has been completely refurbished and now also boasts modern digital projection equipment and Dolby surround sound enabling the best screening possible to see some fantastic films. It is also equipped with satellite receivers enabling us to occasionally screen some great theatre, opera and music productions live, from around the world.

For information about forthcoming films and stage productions, please click here to go to The Venue Website.

Film screening of ‘The Conversation’


Monday 21 November | 19.00–21.30

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The Conversation’ focuses on a paranoid, secretive surveillance expert who has a crisis of conscience when he suspects that a couple he is spying on will be murdered. The film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and screened after Watergate in 1974, raised important questions about the possible misuse of surveillance technology and connects with present-day concerns surrounding state spying and the erosion of civil liberties. The film will be introduced by Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall as we consider themes of surveillance in popular culture and classic filmography.

Free Admission | Booking required

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In partnership with: The Venue, Lincoln | Lincoln Film Society