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Bishop Grosseteste University Erasmus +

European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students

The Erasmus+ exchange programme is a European Union-funded programme which enables students to study in another European country. The purpose of the exchange is to develop personal qualities such as adaptability and flexibility and promote positive professional and individual relationships with our European neighbours. Students who participate in the programme will receive a grant to cover additional expenses incurred. Host institutions offer language access courses in the local language, though English is often the medium for teaching. Students who have participated in the past have found the experience both educationally rewarding and personally fulfilling, often forging friendships that last beyond the end of the exchange. For more information on the Erasmus+ Programme in general, visit the British Council Erasmus+ website.

BGU & Erasmus

BGU supports staff and students who want to be fully involved in internationalisation, with international trips making part of some undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Most importantly, BGU offers opportunities for individual experiences abroad by participating in funded schemes such as the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme. The UK Higher Education engages with the Bologna Process, and BGU staff and students can enhance their academic experience and transferable employment skills by obtaining credits and living abroad as a student in another country.

At BGU, you can access the excellent opportunity to be awarded an Erasmus+ Exchange grant and spend a semester in one or our partner institutions and, as the British Council highlights, have the opportunity to learn ‘great life skills’ by managing ‘your life within another culture brings maturity, confidence and self reliance’. If eligible, you could be an Erasmus+ student in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain and Norway.

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Participation in the programme can either be Semester 1 or 2. To go out in Semester 1, applications need to be made by the end of April. To go out in Semester 2, applications need to be made by mid November.  For more information and material on ERASMUS+, contact Clare Davey on, and discover the international opportunities waiting for you here at BGU.

Futher Information

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