Bishop Grosseteste University Early Childhood Studies

Bishop Grosseteste University Early Childhood Studies

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Over the duration of the course you will study aspects of the education, health and social care of babies and children from 0-8 years, which will provide excellent foundations for working in a range of early years settings. You will gain an appreciation of how children think and learn, as well as the policies and practices which can support them and their families. You will have the opportunity to put this learning into practice through a relevant early years placement in each year of study.

Throughout the course you will acquire the necessary skills for working with young children in a challenging and changing environment. Your academic skills will equip you for a variety of job roles or further study. Personal and transferable skills in time management, teamwork and stamina are vital to any role in early years.

In your final year you will be able to tailor an individual research project to your particular interests or career aspirations, and you may also be able to choose the setting of your final-year placement.

What you will study

During your first year, you will be introduced  to early years practice and provision, and develop a grounding in key psychological, sociological and physiological theories. There will also be an induction into the inter-disciplinary roles needed to support and safeguard children.

Your second year will see you focus on the rights of children, the changing perspective of childhood whilst gaining an appreciation of equality issues. In addition there will be an interdisciplinary module which considers other areas of study, along with a work placement for experience.

In your final year, you will study language and behaviour through building expressive relationships, and consider practices from overseas. Alongside this you will debate a range of current issues within the sector and examine what it is to be a professional within the children’s workforce, learning about leadership and management of early year’s provision. You will also undertake an independent study or project.