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This applied business degree programme is structured into three years, all of which are based on you learning by doing.  From the very beginning you will be establishing a team company, trading as a functioning business and finding, keeping and growing customer and client networks, locally, nationally and internationally.

To help support your developing understanding of setting up, running and growing your team company there will be a series of professional workshops, seminars and creative laboratories during the course.  Throughout the rest of the programme, there will be no taught inputs, lectures or seminars.  Instead you will be guided and supported through your learning by coaches who will work with you during training sessions each week and in action learning groups.

You will also have access to a wide range of learning materials including books, journals and on line resources which you will use to support your developing entrepreneurial, business and team knowledge.  You will be expected to apply theory to practice in the form of reflective logs, creative presentations and project work and you will gain valuable feedback from peers, coaches and your clients which will inform your business development.

What you will study

From your first day and during your first year, you will form your team company and get to know your own strengths and development needs along with those of your team colleagues. You will create your business, working through the legal and technical requirements for this process, and you will begin to develop creative and innovative projects to support your emerging client/customer needs. You will begin to engage in local, national and international networking.

Throughout your second year you will develop on the experience you will have gained through working as a team company for a year. Your client/customer base will grow as you expand your local networks to take in regional, national and international connections. As your knowledge, skills and aptitudes in business and team work grow you will gain confidence in identifying your learning needs and leadership of projects and teams will become a focus for you.

At the end of year 2 you will have begun to think about a significant project with your team which has a focus on social enterprise and sustainability in an international market.  As your third year begins so too does the planning process for your international project. As this takes shape you may get the opportunity to head abroad, or alternatively you could link in with a global company from the UK. You will also be working individually and as a team to forward plan for continued success post graduation as you map out your future ventures.