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You may be unsure about what students’ unions actually are, or think that we’re just somewhere to come to when you want to party. The real truth about your Students’ Union here at Birmingham City University is that we’re about much, much more!

The first time you’ll properly get to know your Students’ Union is just before you come to the University. Our Welcome Week website (formerly known as Freshers’ Week) will give you all the information you need to really make your first few weeks here unforgettable. We host a fantastic daytime events programme and our Official Freshers’ Events 2016, are the best in the city!  All of our events are designed to ease you into university life the fun way.

Our Welcome Fair gets bigger and better every year, attended by hundreds of representatives from the University, local and national companies, your Students’ Union and our sports teams and societies, to help you get accustomed to university life.

Although at first you may just think of your Students’ Union as being all about fun and entertainment, it should be a major part of your life throughout your time here! We not only continue our varied and exciting entertainments programme (that you came to love during Welcome Week) throughout the academic year; we’re also here to help you with:

  • Becoming more employable through our many workshops, seminars and practical sessions.
  • Any issues you may have with your work, personal life, housing or anything where you may need extra help and support.
  • Any changes you wish to see within your Students’ Union or the University.
  • Participating in a wide range of sports and societies (almost 300), from rugby and hockey to fashion and yoga, and competing competitively against other universities.
  • Enjoying delicious and purse-and-wallet-friendly food from our pub and lounge – as a not-for-profit organisation, everything you spend gets ploughed straight back into providing extra services just for you!
  • Finding your perfect student home through our very own lettings agency.
    Providing you with the opportunity to volunteer in many local and national projects that will look great on your CV.
  • Showing you how to enjoy Birmingham as the great student city that it is! We’ll show you the best places to enjoy nights out, to eat and to shop, and the many great cultural sights.

And more than anything, as we consider you to be part of our family, you can always count on to help you whenever you need us!