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Kai Lauren

Birmingham City University

Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)


Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

08 Feb 17

The experience has been abhorrent, i cannot wait to transfer universities. The teachers support have been non existent, when giving advice and help on improving the course, i am always ignored. The way some courses are layed out is very amateur and lazy. Teachers do not have any motivation as they them selves are not motivated, they seem to just want to clock in and clock out. Paying £9000 for this is simply robbery, do not apply to.this university if you are somewhat motivated in being successful.

Job Prospects

How does your uni make efforts to increase your employability (careers department, work placements, transferable skills)?

It does not do this very well. Teachers are not confident in student’s abilities

Course and Lecturers

What’s the best thing about your course & lecturers?

Work is very easy, but it is made difficult with terrible teachers.

Student Union

What do you think of your Students’ Union? If you don’t get involved, why not?

I spend most of my time in a seperate building, the student union’s involvement is almost invisible.

Uni Facilities

How good are your university’s facilities?

Old, very old.

City Life

What’s the city life like?

Birmingham is pretty cool, loads of crazies about, not many racists.

Clubs and Societies N/A

What are the clubs and societies like?

Haven’t attended any as they take place in far away locations.

Student Support

How good is the support offered by the uni? Think both academic (tutors/feedback) and personal (counselling, etc).

The support is abhorrent. The university complains about getting poor reviews, but when a student offers advice in doing something better, they simply ignore the student. Teachers just want to clock in and clock out, students do not matter. This is the majority case, some teachers arent very helpful but i found more help from assistant teachers who are 3rd or 4th year students.

Giving back

How much does your uni give back to the community (think global and local), do any projects stand out?

It does moderately help, but no bursaries are available and it doesn’t seem to care much for certain subjects.