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We are one of the largest Operating Department Practice education and training providers in the UK, with a reputation for excellence.

Operating Department Practitioner programmes at Birmingham City University (BCU) have an excellent track record of developing high quality professionals who meet the needs of a range of care providers nationally.   The employability of our students is maximised by exposure to quality placement learning experiences and the development of transferable skills which is reflected in consistent and exceptionally high employment on graduation.

What’s covered in the course?

Your work will be assessed using a mix of methods depending on the module or area of study and includes text based submissions, written examinations, oral examinations, presentations and clinical skills assessment both in placement and simulated in university. The range of assessment methods is chosen to not only indicate a level of achievement but to also develop and demonstrate a range of skills transferable to the modern healthcare environment including; reflection, oral and written communication, confidence and competence in care delivery and the ability to research, appraise and evaluate evidence. It is anticipated that the development of transferable skills will enhance your employability on graduation and provide a sound foundation for future professional development.

The programme combines theoretical and practical components, complemented with clinical placements in a range of specialities and settings.  The overarching aim is to develop and refine clinical competence and the application of best evidence based knowledge to direct patient care in contemporary healthcare settings.

The academic team are dedicated to the development of future caring professionals and have many years of experience delivering perioperative education in the academic and clinical settings. The teams’ experience of delivering perioperative care in the ‘real world’ provides an excellent resource that helps students develop a clear understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. Additionally, the team are committed to the enhancement of perioperative care more widely through publication and information sharing in the wider healthcare environment.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are one of the largest and most diverse providers of health and social care education in the country.
  •  We use our advanced and innovative education facilities to simulate the real life health care situations.
  •  We have one of the UK’s largest specialist health education libraries.
  • We have very close links with a wide range of clinical practice partners to maximise your experience.