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Strategic Plan

Our latest Strategic Plan that was launched in March 2017 highlights the changes we need to make over the next 3 years in order to meet the priorities that our students most want to get out of their Birmingham City University experience, in order for them to achieve their own unique ambitions.

Download our Strategic Plan by clicking here.


We exist to enhance our students’ experiences and have a positive impact on their lives.


  • Relevant & Accessible
  • Student Led, Student Focused & Democratic
  • Innovative, Progressive & Adaptable
  • Supportive, Representative &Responsive
  • Friendly, Welcoming & Inclusive

Strategic Themes & Goals


  • We will create a personal sense of belonging.
  • We will enable students to fulfil their creative ideas.
  • We will improve employability and life skills in order to enhance prospects.

Engagement & Communication

  • We will develop a Communication Strategy to raise awareness and
    build involvement.
  • We will remove barriers to make it easier for students to engage with us.
  • We will develop and improve a bespoke presence on each Campus.
  • We will use advancements in I.T. to engage with students.

Voice & Representation

  • We will establish a Data Bank of Student Opinion to inform and influence.
  • We will facilitate integrated, connected, consistent student
    representatives at all levels which influences positive change.
  • We will support and lead relevant campaigns.

Support & Services

  • We will review and prioritise relevant services.
  • We will ensure all services are accessible to those students that need them.
  • We will investigate the feasibility of new services.


People: HR Policies, development, leadership and partnerships.

Process: Financial planning, performance indicators, communication, governance & decision-making.

Resources: Sustainable finances, space, I.T. infrastructure.

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