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The Centre for Brexit Studies (CBS) is an academic facility which supports and encourages the existing work on Brexit within Birmingham City University’s schools and faculties. It promotes rigorous engagement with the multifaceted aspects of the “Leave” and “Remain” perspectives in order to enhance understanding of the consequences of withdrawing from the EU.

Whilst CBS will have a national focus we will also specifically investigate the impact on Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

The work of CBS is primarily undertaken by Birmingham City University staff and students, but we will provide collaborative opportunities with interested businesses, professional organisations and civil society. Our work will be accessible to the general public and we will hold conferences, workshops and seminars to disseminate knowledge and encourage discussion on Brexit. The Centre website will also reference member’s publications on Brexit issues.

Latest Report

Below you will find the latest report from the Centre for Brexit Studies, entitled ‘Making a Success of Brexit: Evaluating the impact on the economy of the WMCA and wide region.’