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A fulfilling part of my role is knowing that I might have made an impact on someone’s life, by influencing their decision to come here.

I like to think that the work that I do to promote the Faculty, and its courses, is helping us to reach a wide and varied group of prospective students. I work with in collaboration with academic colleagues to ensure that our programmes are appealing. I then develop promotional material to attract the brightest minds locally and internationally. I am embracing and utilising new digital channels and technologies to attract the best candidates to Stirling. I am fully aware that my marketing activity could create the first impression of a prospective student, so getting it right is crucial.

Learning, teaching
and the student experience

We give our graduates the best possible start in life by focusing on learning and teaching, embracing the latest advances in pedagogy and building strong partnerships with future employers.

As technology changes, the way our students and staff interact with the sources of knowledge, and how they communicate it, changes too. We will maximise the potential of the digital age – recognising its transformative power – but in a way that preserves our commitment to core academic skills that expand the minds of our students and deepen their learning.

Learning requires hard work and commitment from students and staff alike. But we know from experience that creating the right conditions to optimise learning is also vitally importa