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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design: Idea Material Object, (IMO) is an experimental design course that seeks to explore ideas through objects, spaces and experiences.

Creativity comes in many different forms and is often separated into categories such as ‘art’, ‘design’, or ‘craft’. IMO looks at all of these areas [and many others] as sources of inspiration – intentionally interlinking and overlapping them. Over the three-year course students develop their making skills and hone their design ability to turn abstract ideas into physical products. IMO is a course for students who have the ambition and curiosity to question the world around them, driven to experiment, explore and reinvent.

Why choose this course?

The course develops each student’s personal design process with an emphasis on the act of making as a means to realise ideas.

Design projects cover a range of materials and scales – work may be made by hand in the studio, constructed in the workshops with the help of skilled technical staff or rendered on a computer and produced on a 3D printer.

Explore a breadth of materials and processes in supportive, well-equipped workshops.

Become a versatile, empowered designer or maker

Develop your design practice through professional industry and community projects.

In this BA (Hons) 3D Design course you’ll explore a range of design briefs, materials and scales; from jewellery, lighting and furniture to interactive museum installations and experiences. We’ll encourage you to bring together ideas, materials and processes (both traditional and digital) in new ways, in our extensive range of workshops.

You’ll develop excellent professional skills through frequent ‘live’ industry and community projects. You’ll graduate with a strong portfolio of experience, industry knowledge and personal vision.

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Explore how design and making can change how we live. You’ll work on a variety of purposeful and challenging projects, applying your creativity to different scales, audiences and products. You’ll have your own workspace in a thriving studio environment, and opportunities to work on projects with external organisations such as Dyson, ASOS and Hakwood. We emphasise material experimentation as we believe this is a strong basis for innovation.

You’ll develop skills and ideas in supportive well equipped workshops including wood, digital processes (such as CNC routing and 3D printing), metal, plastics, ceramics and casting. You’ll develop a foundation of knowledge around manufacture processes, as well as the visualisation skills that enable you to expand and communicate your thinking.

We’ve got lots of experience and will help you establish personal direction; you’ll have the opportunity to specialise in one discipline. You’ll graduate as a versatile designer and maker; an important quality in the professional world.

We’ll introduce you to methods of thinking critically about materials and making and encourage you to take inspiration from across art, craft and design, reflecting cutting-edge interdisciplinary design practice. This is supported by tailored study visits (local, national and international) and designer-led workshops, developing your global industrial awareness.

You’ll gain valuable experience of teamwork, negotiation and leadership and leave with a list of exhibitions, professional skills and personal network that is a launchpad to a career in the creative industries.