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Bangor University Physics

The Ocean Physics group at Bangor University has a proud history of world leading research. In addition, we have been training the new generations of ocean scientists for nearly 50 years.

Our research focuses on furthering understanding of how the ocean works and interacts with the other components of the Earth System. We are well-funded with £6M in research income over the past 6 years, much of which has come from UK Research Councils.

Current research focuses on helping to improve seasonal weather forecasts, greater understanding of the role of the ocean as a sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide and on the methods for, and impacts of, the extraction of renewable energy from the ocean.

Current research projects and themes include:

  • High Latitude Physical Oceanography
  • Marine Optics
  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Ocean Modelling and Climate
  • Turbulence and Mixing


Follow in the footsteps of many of the UKs leading Physical Oceanographers with the MSc in Physical Oceanography here at Bangor University.

GCSE Science Revision Guides

As part of Bangor University’s education liaison and widening access activities, we are pleased to provide you with access to our GCSE Science Revision Guides.

The specially-prepared revision booklets were produced by Bangor University with the support of a National Science Academy grant from the Welsh Government. The aims of the project include:

  • supporting schools in the delivery of GCSE Science, and
  • raising the attainment and interest of pupils in Science.

The booklets contain revision material prepared by experienced Science teachers for the University’s GCSE revision courses, and have been highly praised by both schools and pupils.

The booklets are available in both English and Welsh, and are being distributed to schools throughout Wales as a result of the National Science Academy grant from the Welsh Government.

We hope that the revision guides will prove useful to schools and their pupils as they prepare for the GCSE Science exams.

Links to GCSE Revision Guides