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Bangor University Outlook


Office365 is the University email and calendar system. IT Services staff has made some changes to the login process for Office 365 to make it even more reliable than it is now, and better supported by Microsoft. To go directly to to the email website and use Outlook online – go to

What are the changes?

You will now need to log in at regardless of which web browser you are using, previously some web browsers logged in automatically.

Once you have entered your username the login web address will change to a Microsoft address –, branded as Bangor and you will need to enter your password.

You will no longer get an additional username and password box.

Other changes

• You will need to authenticate once on any device that you have email configured on already – phones, tablets etc
• If you have your password stored in Outlook, you will be prompted to enter it again after this change, you can still use the ‘save password’ box if you prefer for all subsequent logins.
• If you are using Skype for Business you will need to authenticate each time you log in unless you tick to “Remember me” on the password prompt.
• Your username will need to be entered as your eg. ‘’. Once you have entered this once in any browser the username will be remembered.


How To Setup Your Email on a Bangor University PC / Mac using Outlook

University Windows 7 Machines
On a campus networked PC you may open the desktop client version of Microsoft Outlook. In Windows 7 click on the Start button (windows button) and the Outlook icon should appear at the top of your menu. Click on the Outlook icon and not the arrow on the right (which leads to a sub-menu).

      • Outlook will automatically configure itself with your account. This might take a minute or two. If it fails to set your account, close Outlook and try again.
      • Once in your Outlook, take 10 mins to familiarise yourself with the layout. Take a look at this video below for the basics and talk through the layout.

When accessing your mail outside of the University, you will need to login to the website and use

If for some reason your computer is not setup automatically ( this might happen with laptops), follow these instructions:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. If you have no accounts setup already, it will take you directly to the Add Account Wizard. If it does not take you here, just click on File in the top right hand side and then on
  3. Enter your details into the boxes and click on Next. It will find the settings automatically and setup your mail, calendar and contacts for you.

    If you would like to access your mail from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, see the smartphone setup page.