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Bangor University M Drive

Your File stores

What are your M and U Drive

Every member of the University who has a username and password has a personal file store and a shared file store – your M and U drives. These are where you should save the majority of your work and are the same from every computer you log into.

Your M drive

Your M drive is where you will be storing work that only relates to you. It is your personal file store area and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.  Your M drive is accessible from any computer with an internet connection, the only difference is the way that you will access it.

  • On campus – you can access your M drive from My Computer or Finder dependent on your operating system.
  • Off campus – WinSCP / CyberDuck
  • Off campus on a shared PC – Desktop Anywhere

Your U Drive

Your U drive is where you should store all work that will be shared between others, or that is research related and may need to be shared with others.  Space allocation on the U drive is less restricted than on the M drive.  Folders on U can be restricted to allow access to as many, or as few, people as you require.   Accessing you U drive:

  • On campus – you can access your M drive from My Computer or Finder dependent on your operating system.
  • Off campus – WinSCP / CyberDuck
  • Off campus on a shared PC – Desktop Anywhere


Storage Quotas

Every drive has a quota associated with it.  This quota is a hard limit on the amount of space that you can use storing work.  Quotas for M and U are managed slightly differently.

Default M Drive Quota Allocation

  Default Maximum
Undergraduate 1GB 5GB
Taught Postgraduate 1GB 5GB
Research Postgraduate 5GB 50GB
Staff 5GB 50GB
Other 1GB 1GB

If you are exceeding the maximum quota allocation, or if you believe that you may please contact IT Services prior to hitting this quota.  It is likely that this data may be better stored elsewhere.

M Drive Quota Usage Notifications

You will receive notification at 85%, 90% and 95%.  At 90% and 95% IT Services will also be notified and you may be contacted with suggestions for areas of your M drive to tidy.  Over the next months we will be implementing changes that will allow you to view your quota allocation in My Computer the same as you would for C: etc.


Can I get an Increased M drive Quota

Quota increases are available on request from IT Services.  Before any increase is applied you will be asked to reduce any duplication and remove files which are not University related.  If you do receive a quota warning please follow the guidance for tidying your M drive before requesting a quota increase.

Default U Drive Quota


U Drive quota is not associated with individuals.  The quota applied to this area related to a School or Department.  Initially this quota will be set at 50Gb, this is monitored by IT Services and adjusted as required.  If a department significantly exceeds this then the Head of Department may be contacted for autorisation before any further allocation is assigned.


Tidying the files on Your Storage areas to reduce Quota Usage

An occasional session of house keeping across your M drive (and any areas of the U drive that you hold responsibility for) will help ensure prudent use of resources, thus allowing IT Services to better plan storage and backup requirements whist preventing unrequired expenditure on increasing capacity.

Windows PC

  • Check for large files – In ‘My Computer’ double click the drive that you wish to check (M/U), enter Size:gigantic as the search term. This will look for any files over 100Mb.  (Alternatives include size:>1Gb, size:large)  If there are duplicates of these files, or they are no longer required please delete them.
  • Check for files which have not been modified for a long period of time. In My Computer search with the criteria “datemodified:<1/1/2010”
  • Check the folder size of each top level folder, this will allow you to easily identify where most of your storage space is used.
  • Check the size of your ‘Recycle Bins’ (M:\Windows_Data\Desktop / M:\Windows_Data\My Documents ).  If these are larger than a few Mb they can be deleted.
  • Files which have not been edited for several years, it is common to have ‘forgotten’ about files that have been stored and are no longer required.
  • Check Download folder – M:\Windows_Data\Downloads and M:\My Documents\Downloads.  Anything that is required should be saved outside of this folder.  Anything no longer required should be deleted.
  • My Pictures – is everything stored in there related to Bangor University, if not please delete

Mac PC

  • Check for large files – Open your M drive from the icon in the dock, Cmd F to open the search window, Select ‘other’, Attribute = File Size, Greater than, 100Mb
  • Check that all files are related to Bangor University, if this is not the case please delete.


IT Services
Bangor University, Deiniol Building, Deiniol Road, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 2UX

Phone: 01248 38 8111


Bangor University is a Registered Charity: No. 1141565