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Bangor University Key Collection

Leaving home for University is a big step and as the start of the new academic year approaches both parents, guardians and students will often experience a mixture of emotions.

With this in mind we often find it helpful if parents and guardians know what the students should be doing to prepare for their arrival in their hall of residence.

Has the student made an application to live in Halls?

All students will have been sent an email inviting them to make an application to live in Halls of Residence once they have confirmed their offer to study at Bangor. This is usually in April or May. If students apply for accommodation before the specified deadline, and selects Bangor as their Firm Choice we guarantee that we will find them a room in University owned accommodation.

If the student makes an application for accommodation after the deadline, please don’t worry. We will do our very best to find a room for them but they may need to understand that some of our halls will already be oversubscribed and we may limit the choices available.

All our communication with the student will be by email.

Parents can help by reminding the student to check their email each day and to follow all the instructions in any emails we send. The offer of a room needs to be formally accepted or declined within 7 days of the formal offer being made.

Has the student accepted the formal offer of a room and made their pre-payment of fees?

Please remember that students will need to pay a £300 pre-payment of fees within 7 days of selecting their room.

If parents are paying this amount please remember that it is not a returnable deposit – it is the first payment of fees. The student also needs to formally accept their Residence Agreement online. This is a legal document and commits the student to paying for the accommodation for the entire period of residence while they remain a student. The Residence Agreement will detail the room number and building and the costs involved.

If the student lives locally to Bangor please encourage them to think carefully before agreeing to live in a Hall. The legal nature of the agreement means that it is not possible to change their mind and return to live at home after they move into Halls.