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Welcome to the Bangor University wireless network information pages. Here you will find details of what networks are available, where you can find them and how to connect to them. We’ll also try and answer the most common queries we receive in the frequently asked questions section.

Our wireless network has grown to over fifteen hundred access points over the last few years so you’re never far from a connection wherever you may be on campus. Over the last few years we’ve upgraded our original access points to support the newer 802.11n high speed connections and we’ve also deployed wireless across all of our halls of residences and are constantly looking to expand the network.

If you’d like to discuss anything related to our wireless networks please contact the IT Helpdesk in the first instance on 01248 388 111.

Our Networks


Bangor University uses eduroam as it’s primary wireless network. eduroam is a global network of academic institutions, it allows Bangor staff and students to connect at any eduroam site using their Bangor usernames and passwords. It also allows staff and students from other sites to connect while at Bangor. eduroam is available across the entire campus and is the network you should connect your device to if you are a Bangor University student or member of staff.

eduroam is an encrypted network designed to keep your communications secure and safe.


Certain devices don’t support the security methods used on the eduroam network. For these devices, such as ebook readers and media devices, we can offer to connect them to the TechLinc network available across the entire campus. To connect to this network your device must support the 802.11g wireless standard and you must be able to provide us with it’s wireless mac address. To request to be added to this network please contact IT Support on 01248388111 with your details and the mac address of your device.


Resnet is a replacement for TechLinc which is being rolled out across University residences in early 2017. This will provide higher capacity, better support for newer mobile devices, wireless printers, access for Streaming media, improved security and greater flexibility.

Certain devices do not support the secutiry methods used on the Eduroam network. Resnet is provided to allow such devices to connect to the internet by alternative methods as they would on a home network. HOWEVER you should always connect to the Eduroam service where possible as it has wider University coverage and is better suited to mobile devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. If you cannot connect a device to Eduroam then you can connect a maximum number of three devices to the Resnet service. Such devices are typically games consoles and video streaming devices eg, Amazon firestick

Each hall will be migrated separately and you will have been emailed 24 hours prior to the date information specific to your hall. Unfortunately during the day of migration your connection to the internet in your hall will be interrupted.

You can connect any device to Resnet by requesting a Connection key through My Bangor. When connecting devices to Resnet please be aware that these will be visible to all in your hall. It is your responsibility to ensure that you adequately protect your device from other accessing it without your permission, this could be with a password.

To see if your halls has been migrated.(this is a list of University residences currently using the Resnet service for non Eduroam connections)

The Management Centre

This network is provided for guests staying with us in The Management Centre.

You will be provided with the key to join the network and a username and password to log in with by reception on arrival.


IT Services
Bangor University, Deiniol Building, Deiniol Road, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 2UX

Phone: 01248 38 8111


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