Bangor University Grade Boundaries

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Bangor University Grade Boundaries

The Senate Regulations and Special Cases Committee has responsibility for regulations, codes of practice and other documents. All of these documents, unless stated otherwise, are part of the University’s quality assurance procedures and represent its QA manual. Any comments about the regulations, codes of practice, or other documents should be sent to the Regulations Officer, Dr Ioan Ap Dewi. (

For an introduction to the University’s QA procedures please click here

Types of Documents


Regulations provide the governing precepts and procedures that determine the way in which the University manages its academic programmes, including admitting students and awarding qualifications. Regulations also define the expectations in terms of student conduct. Regulations may be supplemented by codes of practice, guidelines or rules, or by any combination of these. Go to list of Regulations

Codes of Practice

Codes of practice provide detailed procedures and rules for specified activities. They provide the detail that enables the University’s officers and academic schools to comply with the regulations. They also provide instructions that ensure that the University’s procedures, as defined in the regulations, or otherwise specified, are interpreted and applied consistently. Go to list of Codes of Practice


Procedures contain details as described for Codes of Practice but also provide operational detail, instructions and advice on implementing specific aspects. Procedures are commonly used where it is appropriate to combine detailed rules, as might be found in a Code of Practice, and operational guidelines in one document. Go to list of Procedures


Guidelines define the recommended approach for conducting a specific activity. They normally provide operational detail, instructions and advice that facilitate the implementation of a code of practice. Guidelines may also be used to encourage the adoption of practices and standards, and in this context they define what is considered to be best practice. Go to list of Guidelines


Rules are standards, statements or procedures, other than those contained in regulations or codes of practice. They are adopted by an academic or administrative unit of the University. The Heads of such units (and their nominees) are authorised to define rules that apply to students whilst they are engaged in study or other specific activities. The purpose of rules is to facilitate the implementation of the University’s regulations, codes of practice and guidelines. Go to list of Rules



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