Bangor University Doctors

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Bangor University Doctors

Local Doctors

Bodnant Medical Centre
Drs. Evans, Tillson, Owen, Moyse, Morgan & Jones
Menai Avenue, Upper Bangor. Tel: 364492

Glanfa Surgery
Drs. Mortimer, Oldale & Robinson
Orme Road, Bangor. Tel: 370540

Meddygfa Deiniol
Dr. Kurian
Garth Road, Bangor. Tel: 362055

Bangor Medical Centre
Dr. Price
Bryn Hydd, Holyhead Road, Bangor. Tel: 372373

Bron Derw Surgery
Drs. Bowen, Jones, Kraaijeveld, Miles & Vaughan
Glynne Road, Bangor. Tel: 370900

Surrounding Area

Menai Bridge Surgery
Drs. Jones, McCann, Thomas & White
8/10 Coronation Road, Menai Bridge. Tel: 712210

Bethesda Surgery
Drs. Heinersdorff, Jones, Mithan,& Nickson
11 Victoria Place, Bethesda. Tel: 600212

Llanfairpwll H.C.
Drs. Ap Ieuan, Davidson, Griffiths, Griffiths, McEwan & Roberts
Health Centre, Llanfairpwll. Tel: 714388

Further information about any of the above practices may be obtained by writing to or telephoning the individual practice.

Results from any tests or investigations undertaken from the surgery i.e blood / urine will be available either by telephone or in person between 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Tel No: 01248 353512

Appointments can be booked on 01248 364492between 8 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. on weekdays; however the surgery endeavours to see students who arrive during the session. If the session is oversubscribed, non-urgent cases will be asked to return to the evening session or a session on the following day.

Students may attend these sessions for treatment of acute illness, general medical problems etc. In addition medical certificates required for University matters and medical examinations e.g. diving / travelling are also provided during these sessions only.

Students not registered at Bodnant Surgery and who are in need of treatment are advised to see the Doctor with whom they are registered if at all possible. However they may still use the Student Health services for medical examinations and certificates free of charge.

All students should complete the Student health questionnaire and return it to Bodnant Surgery as soon as possible. All new patients should attend at the surgery for a personal health check as soon as possible.