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Bangor University Distance Learning

The distance learning programmes developed by the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography have been designed to allow you maximum flexibility in your studies.  Our development approach to these courses has been to focus on the provision of high quality learning materials, backed up with a bespoke communications infrastructure, allowing you to correspond regularly with your tutors and fellow students online.  Our distance learning M.Sc.’s are supported distance learning courses which build on the School’s tradition for providing high quality academic, tutorial and pastoral support for our learners.  At the heart of our approach to teaching and learning is our desire to meet the needs of each individual.

Our e-learning solution (blackboard™) is designed to meet these needs by allowing you to communicate and develop your understanding. All our learning materials are available on-line 24/7, but it is our ability to put you in contact with your tutors, fellow learners and outside professionals which sets our provision apart.

If you chose to apply to study at Bangor, you will be studying at a university which in terms of student satisfaction is the best in Wales and seventh in the UK (equal with world famous intuitions such as the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge) according to the 2014 National Student Survey. In terms of postgraduate level teaching, the School of Environment, Natural Resources (SENRGy) scored an overall satisfaction of 94%, against an average for the UK of 83% in the annual Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (data currently not publicly available). Our School also has a world-class reputation for research; more than 80% of our research was rated as world leading or internationally excellent in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework assessment of research quality in UK universities. We are also proud to be ranked amongst the top 100 most international universities in the world.

Distance Learning Courses

We currently offer postgraduate distance-learning programmes in:

  • MSc Food Security in the Changing Environment
  • MSc Forestry
  • MSc Tropical Forestry
  • MSc Tropical Forestry (with International Commonwealth Scholarship)

Short video from Dr James Walmsley about our Distance Learning programme.

Dedicated learning materials…

The taught modules which make up our distance learning programmes are all supported by dedicated learning materials and are designed as stand-alone courses. So, if you feel you’d rather not take a full MSc, you will be able to “mix & match” our distance-learning learning material to suit your own needs (subject, of course, to timetabling constraints). Indeed, your employer may even consider sponsoring you for the purposes of continuing professional development (CPD).

We also plan to continue to develop new opportunities for postgraduate distance-learning†, building on our expertise in this field and complementing our existing suite of distance-learning and full-time MSc courses.

Who are these courses for?

The distance learning programmes developed by the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography are suitable for those already working in forestry, natural resource management, conservation and other related industries, as well as people wishing to move into the exciting and vibrant forestry profession. Our distance learning courses are unique within the UK and have been specifically designed to allow you maximum flexibility in your approach to your studies. We take pride in the fact that our courses are kept up-to-date and are entirely relevant to the modern forestry professional and to the wider forest industry. The Food Security in the Changing Environment course and its individual modules may interest professionals who work full time in the agri-food industry, in conservation and environmental fields, farmers, and agricultural policy decision makers. Full time students wishing to pursue a post graduate degree that culminates in employability in these sectors may also be interested in this field of study.

So, whether you are an individual or an organisation looking for opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) or are interested in earning a postgraduate certificate, a postgraduate diploma or an MSc, we can almost certainly offer you something appropriate.


We are totally committed to supporting our distance learning students throughout their studies. Indeed, our distance learning courses have a reputation for providing high quality academic, tutorial and pastoral support for our learners.

Day-to-day support is usually provided through Blackboard™, our “virtual learning environment” (VLE). Using the intuitive Blackboard™ interface, students can interact (with staff and other students) at a time that fits their own schedule. For example, a student may have a specific question about part of the module currently in progress. By posting their question(s) using Blackboard™’s “Discussion” tool, students can be assured of a swift reply from another user – staff or student. In this way it is possible for all participants to interact and share their knowledge with their peers (as might happen in, for example, a traditional face-to-face tutorial on a full-time course).

In addition to using the Blackboard™ VLE students are at liberty to contact us at any time during their studies. It would also be possible for any student to visit us, at a mutually agreed time, in order to meet with specific staff members.

As an integral part of our support mechanism, you will be encouraged to assess your own progress by regularly submitting “self-tests” for feedback. Although these optional self-assessments do not contribute to the overall module mark, this feature of the course is designed with the following purposes in mind:

  • to encourage you to keep to the intended timetable of study;
  • to give you [instant] feedback on your understanding of the material currently being studied; and
  • to allow us to monitor your progress and rectify any problems at the earliest opportunity.

Please note: we currently have no plans to launch any undergraduate (BSc) distance learning courses.

Entry Requirements

Forestry-related courses

Our distance learning programmes are specifically designed to allow people who have not had any higher education in these subject areas the opportunity to undertake a masters’ level course whilst remaining in full-time employment.

Generally an Honours Degree in a relevant science or technology subject is required.

Students may also be enrolled if they have non-graduate qualifications which the University has deemed to be of a satisfactory standard for the purpose of postgraduate admission.

However in recognition of the value of work experience and the need to educate people currently in employment, traditional “academic” qualifications are not necessarily a requirement for acceptance onto our distance learning programmes, and non-graduates whose relative lack of formal qualifications is compensated for by his / her age and relevant work experience may also be admitted provided the candidate is aged 25 or more and has held, for a minimum of 2 years, a position of responsibility of relevance to the Degree.

If you are in any doubt about whether you qualify for entry onto the distance learning programme, please ‘phone us: (+44 (0)1248 382281) or email us:

Food Security in a Changing Environment

The entry requirements reflect the expected student profile, i.e. age 26+, working and experienced in their field. Many applicants will have technical knowledge through work experience.

Entry requirements are as follows:

  • a first or second class honours degree in a relevant subject, e.g. Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture;
  • a third class honours degree or an ordinary degree in a relevant subject, plus a minimum of two years relevant work experience;
  • a minimum of two years relevant experience in agri-based food industries or related work in a position of demonstrable responsibility.

Language requirements are IELTS 6.0 for overseas students.

If you have any queries about entry onto this distance learning programme, please ‘phone us: (+44 (0)1248 382285) or email us:

Contact us

For more information about Distance Learning opportunities, please contact:

Forestry-related courses Food Security in a Changing Environment
Ms Cherelle Jarvis
Teaching Administrator

Telephone: +44 (0)1248 382281

Email: or

Dr Phil Hollington

Course Director

Telephone: +44 (0)1248 382285


Dr James Walmsley

Course Director

Telephone: +44 (0)1248 382448


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