Bangor University Alumni

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Bangor University Alumni

Notable alumni

  • Danny Boyle, film director and producer, graduate in English
  • Paul Bérenger, former Prime Minister of Mauritius[25]
  • Martin J. Ball – Professor of Speech Language Pathology at Linköping University, Sweden.
  • Frances Barber, Actress
  • Richard Brunstrom (Chief Constable of North Wales Police), graduated in zoology (1979)[26]
  • Gordon Conway, president of the Royal Geographical Society, and Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex[27]
  • Colin Eaborn, Chemist
  • Aled Eames – Warden of Neuadd Reichel in the 1950s and ’60s and notable maritime historian. 1921–1996
  • Robert G. Edwards, physiologist and pioneer in reproductive medicine, won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.[28]
  • John Evans, Film Director, graduated with a BA in Film Studies and an MA in Filmmaking
  • Bill Fay, singer/musician and recording artist
  • Raymond Garlick, Anglo-Welsh poet
  • Tony Gillam, musician and writer
  • Mary Dilys Glynne, plant pathologist
  • Gwynn ap Gwilym, poet
  • Lowri Gwilym, television and radio producer
  • Tim Haines, BBC producer
  • Julian Hibberd, Cambridge Plant Scientist, named by Nature as one of “Five crop researchers who could change the world”
  • Siân James, Welsh traditional/folk singer and musician
  • Ann Clwyd, Labour MP since 1984
  • Kathy Jones, Anglican priest and Dean of Bangor
  • John Ogwen, actor
  • R. Williams Parry, poet
  • Tom Parry Jones, Inventor of electronic breathalyser
  • Stefan Rahmstorf, Professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University[29]
  • Derek Ratcliffe (botanist, zoologist and nature conservationist)
  • Gareth Roberts (physicist and university administrator)
  • Kate Roberts, Welsh writer
  • Andy Rowley (TV Producer)
  • John Sessions (actor, original name John Marshall)
  • Gwyn Thomas, Welsh scholar and poet
  • R.S. Thomas (poet)
  • Derick Thomson (Scottish Gaelic poet, publisher, academic and writer)
  • Tim Wheeler, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Chester
  • Roger Whittaker (musician)
  • Bill Wiggin (Conservative MP for Leominster)
  • Gareth Williams Former MI6
  • Ifor Williams (historian of Welsh literature and editor of a number of medieval Welsh texts
  • Herbert Wilson, DNA researcher

Fictional alumni

  • According to Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel Bridget Jones’s Diary, the title character attended Bangor University.
  • The character Zipser in the 1986 TV version of Tom Sharpe’s novel Porterhouse Blue, portrayed by Bangor alumnus John Sessions wears a Bangor University scarf. However, according to Sharpe’s text, the character of Zipser actually attended Durham.