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Students’ Union

What is the Students’ Union?

Students’ Unions exist in nearly all colleges and universities. On enrolling at the Arts University Bournemouth you are automatically a member of the Union. AUBSU is affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS) and you are eligible for a free NUS card and all of the associated benefits such as discounts and available promotions.

Who are we?

We are the Arts University Bournemouth Students’ Union and we’re here to help provide the best possible experience for all students at AUB!

The SU provides opportunities for all students to take part in, including a range of sports clubs, societies, social events, our very own publication and a gallery space in the University House basement.


Lauren Housego – President:

Ismini Black –  Vice-President:

 What do we do?

Here at AUBSU, we strive to work closely with students in order to provide necessary support in all areas of university life, including education, welfare, employment, sports, clubs, events and societies as well as a whole host of other platforms.

 How to find us…

Our office is located in a brand new building, next door to Student Services. AUBSU are a small team with big ideas! The SU is ever growing, we are currently made up of 4 full-time members and 1 part-time member of staff as well as a group of voluntary SU Officers, who make up the Executive Team.

We’re on campus Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, so if you need guidance or support with anything whatsoever, come and find us.

Alternatively, you can always email us via

How to get involved…

If you are keen to kick start a project, sports club, society (start your own club or society here) or you would just like to be involved with the Students’ Union for the upcoming year, then get in touch online, or come and find us in the office.

If you want to get really involved, you can run as a voluntary SU Officer and become part of our Executive Committee. 

Whats On?

Activities vary each year, but always include ‘Freshers Week‘ and Graduation Ball. Each year, elections are held for the sabbatical (President, Vice-President) and volunteer positions which can include, Events Officer, Communications Officer and Equality and Diversity Officer. Check out our SU website and Facebook page.

For further information, contact AUBSU
Tel: +44 1202 363345