14th London Business School Accounting Symposium

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14th London Business School Accounting Symposium

The Symposium brings together leading accounting scholars in an informal setting to discuss high-quality academic papers.

Papers will be presented on Thursday (morning and afternoon) and Friday morning. Lunch will be provided on both days and the Symposium Dinner takes place on Thursday evening.

Attendance at the Symposium is by invitation only.


Eight papers will be presented. These are available to download below:

1. “An Empirical Analysis of Capacity Costs“,
Merle Ederhof (Stanford), Venky Nagar* (Michigan) and Madhav Rajan (Stanford)
Discussant: Dhananjay Nanda (Miami)

2. “Accounting Tinder: Investment Screens and Information Acquisition”,
Paul E. Fischer (Wharton) and Mirko Heinle* (Wharton)
Discussant: Haresh Sapra (Chicago)

3. “Repatriation Taxes and Foreign Cash Holdings: The Impact of Anticipated Tax Policy”,
Lisa De Simone* (Stanford), Joseph D. Piotroski (Stanford) and Rimmy E. Tomy (Chicago)
Discussant: Jennifer Blouin (Wharton)

4. “Investor Reliance on the Crowd”,
Alastair Lawrence (Berkeley), James P. Ryans* (London Business School), Estelle Y. Sun (Boston) and Akshay Soni (Yahoo! Research)
Discussant: Bjorn Jorgensen (LSE)

5. “Flight-to-Dividends: The Role of Earnings in Periods of Capital Scarcity”,
Nicholas M. Guest (MIT), S.P. Kothari (MIT) and Eric So* (MIT)
Discussant: Richard Sloan (Berkeley)

6. “Naughty Firms, Noisy Disclosure”,
Thomas Bourveau* (HKUST), Guoman She (HKUST) and Alminas Žaldokas (HKUST)
Discussant: Luzi Hail (Wharton)

7. “Automatic Summarization of Corporate Disclosures”,
Eddy Cardinaels (KU Leuven), Stephan Hollander* (Tilburg) and Brian J. White (UT Austin)
Discussant: Sarah Zechman (Colorado)

8. “Making Sense of Soft Information: Interpretation Bias and Ex-Post Lending Outcomes”,
Dennis Campbell (HBS), Maria Loumioti* (MIT) and Regina Wittenberg-Moerman (USC)
Discussant: Robert Bushman (UNC)