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Prof Zheng Xiao Guo

Professor Zheng Xiao Guo

Materials and Inorganic Chemistry Section

Room 339, 3rd Floor, Christopher Ingold Building

Tel: 020 7679 7527

Email: z.x.guo@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Z. Xiao Guo

Xiao Guo is a Professor of Materials and Chemistry, leading a team of 15-20 Postdocs, PhDs and other researchers at UCL. Research interest in Xiao’s group focuses on multi-scale syntheses and simulations of clusters, nanostructures and devices for applications in clean energy, information technology and healthcare, particularly in photo-/electro-/chemical catalysis, electro-/chemical energy storage, CO2 capture, biofuel cells and biointerfaces. Fundamental theories are coupled with ab initio, molecular dynamics, cellular automata and finite element simulations for materials discovery, while selected materials are synthesised and harnessed by atomic deposition, sol-gel, mechano-chemical, self-assembly, exfoliation and co-precipitation methods. He has been working at UCL since 2007. Before this, he was Professor (2000-2007), Reader (1998-2000), and Lecturer (1995-1998) at QMUL; PDRA (1991-1994) at Univ. of Oxford; and PDRA (1988-1990) at Univ of Strathclyde; PhD (1984-1988) at Univ of Manchester
Summary of research group

Research group consists of 15-20 Postdocs, PhDs and other researchers at UCL. The team is in close collaboration with UK, other EU and/or international partners of high academic standing, involving a total grant value of ~£65m in the past 10 years and direct funding to own research group of ~£14m. Live research grants is around £3-7million at a given time. Current research activities focus on the understanding and development of materials, nanostructures and processes to provide low-cost and efficient solutions for clean energy, particularly in energy harvesting, storage, CO2 capture/utilisation and biological fuel cells.

Further information on Xiao Guo’s research


Research highlights

Electrode structures for highly efficient HER/ERR and ORR/OER;
Hierarchically porous structures of graphene / carbon with ultrahigh surface area and pore volume for H2 purification, CO2 capture and CH4 sensing and conversion;
Hybrid super-acid membranes for proton-conduction in fuel cells;
2D structures of engineered bandgaps for effective photo-catalysis, and electronic/photonics devices;
Non-noble-metal atomic / cluster catalysts for molecular conversion (CO, CO2, O2, CH4).


Research Facilities

Synthesis facilities for molecules, nanostructures and materials is available in the Group: ALD, PECVD, Super-critical exfoliation / synthesis, auto claves, ball mills, tape-caster, Vacuum Hot Press (VHP), and vacuum quenching/heat-treatment furnaces.
Characterisation facilities: A SETARAM TG/DSC1600 facility, uniquely coupled with MS/FT-IR/GC for thermochemical analysis up to 1600°C, with combined P-C-T capabilities for gas absorption/desorption characterisation, electrochemical AFMs, electrochemical test stations.
A suite of SEM/TEM/EDAX/XPS / FT-IR / RAMAN facilities available as a shared resource within the Department.
Computational Simulations: A 64-processor local cluster, and share of UCL Legion and Grace with >3500 CPUs for multi-scale modelling of materials, with software packages for atomistic to continuum modelling.



Guest Professorships: Zhejiang Univ (2014), Chongqing Academy of Sci and Tech (2012), Suzhou Institute of Nano- Tech & Bionics, CAS (2010), IMR/CAS (2003); Shanghai Jiaotong Univ (2002)
Outstanding Scientists Team Award, CAS (2002)
Lee-Hsun Lecture Award, CAS (2002)
Beilby Medal & Prize, RSC/IoM3/SCI (2000)




Research interests

Syntheses & simulations of clusters, catalysts & nanostructures
Low-D structures & architecturing
Molecular (H2, CO, O2, CO2) sorption, storage, and catalysis
Electrochemical, electronic and photonic structures/ devices
Batteries, fuel cells / biofuel cells and biointerfaces




2nd Year UG Materials Chemistry
MSc Advanced Energy Materials

All publications

Highlighted publications

  • G. Srinivas, H. Patel and Z.X. Guo, “Ultrahigh Pore Volume drives up Amine Stability and Cyclic CO2 Capacity of a Solid Amine@Carbon sorbent”, Advanced Materials, 27 (2015) 4902-4902. DOI: 10.1002/adma.201502047
  • David James Martin, Kaipei Qiu, Stephen Andrew Shevlin, Albertus Denny Handoko, Xiaowei Chen, Zhengxiao Guo & Junwang Tang, Highly Efficient H2 Evolution from Water under visible light by Structure-Controlled Graphitic Carbon Nitride, Angewandte Chemie Inter Ed., 53 (2014) 9240-9245. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201403375.
  • Srinivas Gadipelli and Z.X. Guo, “Graphene-based materials: Synthesis and gas sorption, storage and separation”, Progress in Materials Science, 69 (2014) 1-60. Doi: 10.1016/j.pmatsci.2014.10.004.
  • Srinivas Gadipelli, Will Travis, Wei Zhou and Zhengxiao Guo, A thermally derived and optimised structure from ZIF-8 with giant enhancement in CO2 uptake, Energy & Env. Sci,, 7(2014) 2232-2238.
  • Xiao-Yu Han, Henry Morgan Stewart, Stephen Shevlin, Richard Catlow and Zhengxiao Guo, Strain and Orientation Modulated Bandgaps and Effective Masses of Phosphorene Nanoribbons, Nano Letters, 14(2014) 4607-4614. DOI: 10.1021/nl501658d.