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By | 16th June 2017

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Zaheer Khan University of Hull

Zaheer Khan University of Hull





Dr Zaheer Khan

Lecturer in Strategy and International Business


Room: D032
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 2375

Zaheer Khan is a Lecturer in Strategy & International Business at the Sheffield University Management School. Prior to joining the University of Sheffield in 2015, Zaheer was a Lecturer in International Business at the University of Hull. He has also taught at the University of Birmingham and Royal Holloway University of London. He gained his PhD in International Business at the University of Birmingham. Prior to entering academia, he worked as a Consultant for Capgemini Ernst & Young, USA. He has published in some of the leading international business and strategy journals including the Journal of International Business Studies, International Business Review, the Global Strategy Journal, International Marketing Review, Critical Perspectives on International Business and Industrial Marketing Management.


I teach Business Strategy (UG) and Strategic Management (PG) courses. My teaching is mainly case-based and research- oriented. I am also interested in investigating the issues and challenges faced by students in developing critical thinking skills in higher education and the utility of threshold concepts in strategy courses. He is also a fellow of the higher education academy.


Zaheer’s research interests are in the area of international knowledge transfer through FDI to emerging and late liberalizing economies, organizational learning, and capability development and upgrading of local auto parts suppliers of emerging economies.

PhD Supervision

I would be interested in supervising students in these areas:

  • knowledge transfer in international alliances
  • capability building processes of local suppliers in the automotive industry
  • Emerging economies firms’ CSR and sustainability practices
  • Internationalization of SMEs and family firms


Rao-Nicholson, R. and Khan, Z. (2017). Standardization versus adaptation of global marketing strategies in emerging market cross-border acquisitions. International Marketing Review, 34(1) 138-158.

Rao-Nicholson,R, Khan, Z. and Stokes, P. (2016). Making great minds think alike: Emerging market multinational firms’ leadership effects on targets’ employee psychological safety after cross-border mergers and acquisitions. International Business Review, 25(1) 103-113.

Akhtar, P., Tse, Y.K., Khan, Z. and Rao-Nicholson, R. (2016). Data-driven and adaptive leadership contributing to sustainability: global agri-food supply chains connected with emerging markets. International Journal of Production Economics, 181 392-401.

Cui, W., Khan, Z. and Tarba, S. (2016). Strategic Talent Management in Service SMEs of China. Thunderbird International Business Review, .

Lew, Y.K., Sinkovics, R., Yamin, M. and Khan, Z. (2016). Trans-specialization understanding in international technology alliances: The influence of cultural distance. Journal of International Business Studies, 47 577-594.

Khan, Z. (2016). Determinants of a successful cross-border knowledge transfer in franchise networks. Journal of Asia Business Studies, 10(2) 148-163.

Khan, Z., Lew, Y.K. and Akhtar, P. (2016). The influence of industrial policy and national systems of innovation on emerging economy suppliers’ learning capability. Industry and Innovation, 23(6) 512-530.

Lew, Y.K., Khan, Z. and Cozzio, S. (2016). Gravitating toward the quadruple helix: international connections for the enhancement of a regional innovation system in Northeast Italy. R&D Management, .

Rao-Nicholson, R., Khan, Z., Akhtar, P. and Merchant, H. (2016). The impact of leadership on organizational ambidexterity and employee psychological safety in the global acquisitions of emerging market multinationals. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 27(20) 2461-2487.

Rao-Nicholson, R., Khan, Z., Akhtar, P. and Tarba, S. (2016). The contingent role of distributed leadership in the relationship between HR practices and organizational ambidexterity in the cross-border M&As of emerging market multinationals. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, .

Full list of publications

Key Projects / Grants

Title/ Description Awarding body Dates People Involved Amount
Social capital and SME internationalisation: exploring the potential for networking for competitive advantage ESRC-ISBE/RAKE fund 2012