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Yuhong Zhou University College London

Dr Yuhong Zhou


Chair of the Postgraduate Staff–Student Consultative Committee

Dr Yuhong Zhou

  • Research Fellow, then Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Biochemical Engineering, University College London (1994-1999)
  • Assistant Professor, Lecturer at Shenyang Institute of Technology (1986-1990)



ACBE Building
Gordon Street


  • Principal Teaching Fellow
    Dept of Biochemical Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL


Teaching and Training Activities

Yuhong’s teaching activities span all years of the various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the department. These include Computer-Aided Bioprocess Engineering, Monitoring and Control in Fermentation Processes (in Biochemical Reactor Engineering), Mass Balance in Primary Recovery (in Introduction to Biochemical Engineering) and Integrated Biochemical Engineering Design. She also co-ordinates a wide range of practicals training activities in the department. She is the module leader for MBI Primary Recovery module.

Together with Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker she is responsible for managing the progress of all doctoral programmes in the department.




Yuhong Zhou leads the bioprocess modelling research in the Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC) in Bioprocessing. The research in this area has played an important role in the faster creation of biomanufacturing processes at lower cost. Collaborating with Prof. Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Prof. Mike Hoare and Dr. Dan Bracewell in the IMRC programme, her modelling research is integrated closely with ultra scale-down and microwell techniques to develop Intelligent Design of Experiment (IDoE) methods for the rapid creation of whole bioprocesses. The research also focuses on the development of fast analytical tools such as Windows of Operation and Robust Operation Strategies for the whole bioprocess which aims to provide industry with a new opportunity to more readily embrace bioprocess optimization tools. Collaboration with one of the IMRC industrial partners (BioPharm Services) has led to a tool for assessing the solutions in chromatographic process design and operation for large-scale manufacture. Yuhong’s research interest in plant-wise management of bioprocessing manufacture has led her to create agent-based methods for efficient communication and real-time decision-making to improve the performance of manufacturing processes by collaborating with Prof. Nigel Titchener-Hooker and Prof. Gary Montague and Dr Jarka Glassey at Newcastle University . S he is also interested in the development of bioprocess knowledge base through collaboration with Dr Anthony Hunter in the UCL Computer Science department. Collaborating with Prof. John Ward (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and Dr. Frank Baganz, her research in Metabolic Network Modelling strives to obtain an enhanced understanding of the metabolism and cellular functions by metabolic modelling and simulation of a whole cell. Based on the metabolic flux analysis studies, targets will be identified for pathway manipulation and the required biological changes determined in order to achieve good performance in fermentation. Funding for the above research has come from the UK EPSRC and BBSRC and a range of company collaborators.




Total number of publications: 121

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Award year Qualification Institution
1994 PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
1986 MSc
Master of Science
Automatic Control
Beijing Institute of Technology
1983 BSc
Bachelor of Science
Automatic Control
Beijing Institute of Technology