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Xudong Zhao University of Hull

Xudong Zhao University of Hull

Xudong Zhao

BEng, MSc, PhD, CEng, MCIBSE

Xudong Zhao

Professor of Engineering

School of Engineering and Computer Science

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Xudong Zhao, Male, BEng. MSc. DPhil. CEng. MCIBSE, is a Professor at the University of Hull (UK), and has enjoyed the global reputation as a distinguished academia in the areas of sustainable building services, renewable energy, and energy efficiency technologies. Over the 30 years of professional career, he has led or participated in 45 research projects funded by EU, EPSRC, Royal Society, Innovate-UK, China Ministry of Science and Technology and industry with accumulated fund value in excess of £7.5 million, 40 engineering consultancy projects worth £5 million, and claimed five patents. Up to date, he has supervised 21 PhD students and 12 postdoctoral research fellows, published 136 peer-reviewed papers in high impact journals and referred conferences; involved authorization of three books, chaired, organized, gave keynote (invited) speeches in 20 international conferences. His research in PV/T (photovoltaic/thermal) and sustainable heating & cooling has achieved world-class standards, having received the ‘European Dragon-STAR Innovation Silver Award (2nd place)’, being nominated as a candidate for ‘2014 & 2016 World Eni-awards’ and the ‘2015 UK Energy Awards’. He is currently undertaking a number of important national and international roles, including: (1) Executive Board Membership of the ‘World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies’; (2) Executive Management Board of the ‘International Conference Series for Sustainable Energy Technologies’; (3) Steering Committee Member of the ‘European District Heating and Cooling Technology Platform’ involving development of work documents for European Commission in this subject; (4) Guest Lead Editor of the ‘International Journal of Photo-energy’, and Editorial Board Member of seven other international journals including ‘Future Cities and Environment’,‘Frontiers in Built Environment and Mechanical Engineering’, ‘Heat Exchangers’, ‘Sustainable Cities and Society’, ‘Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning’ and ‘Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering’ ; (5) The referee for EU FP7 programme, colleague member of EPSRC (UK), referee of ESRC (UK), French National Agency (ANR), Kazakhstan National Science and Technology Ministry, Portugal Science and Technology section and Hong Kong Research Grant Council; and (6) UK Newton Fund Programme Advisor focusing on China related research collaboration.

Over the past decade, he has been awarded five inventive patents; two of which have been successfully licensed to two international companies. The successful conversion of his intellectual properties into commercial technologies indicated that his researches have high degree of practicality and market potentials.

Prof. Zhao had five years of industrial experience, and was involved in over 40 engineering projects relating to design/installation of energy systems for buildings such as hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, pharmacy factories, airports, banks, offices, and sport centres. These practices gave him a clear understanding of engineering implications and helped him to develop the ability in identifying and solving complex engineering problems.

Prof. Zhao has good management experience. He is currently Professor (Chair) of Engineering at University of Hull. Prior to September 2012, he was the management board member and Head of PhD programme at the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University. During his time at Nottingham, he was the Course Director of ‘Sustainable Building Technology’. When he was in China, he was the Deputy Director of the Building Services Department at Taiyuan University of Technology and during 1993 and 1997, he was in charge of the business of a building services company, which involved various aspects of company operation, including engineering practice, R&D, negotiation, contractual agreements and daily management.





  • Ph.D, University of Nottingham, UK, Sep 1999 – May 2003 Subject: Renewable Energy and Building Services Technologies,
  • MSc, Harbin Institute of Technology, China, Sep 1984 – July 1987 Subject: Building Thermal Energy Engineering
  • BEng, Taiyuan University of Technology, China, Sep 1980 – July 1984 Subject: Building Services/Environmental Engineering in Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research interests

  • Renewable Energy Technologies (Solar thermal/power system, Ambient and ground source energy utilizations etc)
  • Energy efficient technologies (Heat pipe, Heat pump, CHP etc)
  • Sustainable building services technologies (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Lighting)




Recent Grants

  • Jan 2015 to Dec 2017, UK EPSRC – China MOST, Key Technologies for Enhancing Energy Efficiency of the Dew Point Air Cooler and its Manufacturing, PI/Coordinator, £1.165 m (£385k to Hull)
  • Dec 2014 to June 2018, EU H2020, Energy Efficient Ventilated Facades for Optimal Adaptability and Heat Exchange enabling novel NZEB architectural concepts for the refurbishment of existing buildings (E2VENT), PI in Hull, €3.4 m (€129k to Hull)
  • March 2015 to Feb 2017, UK Royal Society/Newton Fund/China NSFC, Multiple Factors Engaged Heat Transfer in the Refuge Chambers, PI in UK, £24k (£12k to Hull)
  • Sep 2014 to Sep 2015, Shanxi Jingxu Renewable Energy Co. Ltd, A novel PV/T heating system for the rural buildings, Sole Investigator, £30k
  • Oct 2012 to Sep 2014, EU FP7, Developing a novel BIPV façade module to enable enhanced solar thermal/electrical efficiencies using PCM slurry, Sole Investigator, €290k
  • Sep 2011 to Sep 2015, EU FP7, R & D in Sustainable Building Energy Systems and Retrofitting, Acting PI and PI in Hull, €640k
  • Mar 2012 to Feb 2014, EU FP7, A Novel Heat Pump Assisted Solar Façade Loop Heat Pipe Water Heating System, Sole Investigator, €220k
  • Nov 2013 to 2015, China Ministry of Science and Technology, Developing a novel low energy air source heat pump system, PI in Hull, £170k (£49k to Hull)
  • Oct 2013 to Sep 2014, Shannxi Youshida Environmental Technological Ltd, Application of a novel pumpless technology in an evaporative air cooler, PI, £38k (£26.5k to Hull)
  • Nov 09 – Dec 11, EU FP7, PV/hp Generation, CI, €185.
  • Sep 09 – Aug 11, EU FP7, Investigation of a Novel Dew Point Cooling Heat and Mass Exchanger for Air Conditioning of Buildings in Europe, PI, €180K.

Key Publications

Recent journal publications


  • Z. Qiu, X. Ma, X. Zhao*, P. Li, S. Ali, Experimental Investigation on Energy Performance of a Novel MPCM Slurry Based PV/T Module,  Applied Energy 165 (2016) 260–271.
  • Z. Wang*, F. Qiu, W. Yang, X. Zhao, S. Mei Experimental investigation of the thermal and electrical performance of the heat pipe BIPV/T system with metal wires, Applied Energy 170 (2016) 314–323.


  • X. Zhang, J. Shen, W. He, X. Zhao*, The Early Design Stage for Building Renovation with a Novel Loop-heat-pipe Based Solar Thermal Facade (LHP-STF) Heat Pump Water Heating System: Techno-economic Analysis in Three European Climates, Energy Conversion and Management 106 (2015) 964–986.
  • P. Xu, J. Shen, X. Zhang, X. Zhao, Case Study of Smart Meter and In-home Display for Residential Behavior Change in Shanghai, China, Energy Procedia 75 ( 2015 ) 2594 – 2699.
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  • X. Zhang, J. Shen, W. He, P. Xu, X. Zhao*, Comparative Study of a Novel Liquid-vapour Separator Incorporated Gravitational Loop Heat Pipe against the Conventional Gravitational Straight and Loop Heat Pipes – Part II: experimental testing and simulation model validation, Energy conversion and Management 93 (2015) 228–238.
  • Y. Zhao*, J. Wu, X. Zhao, S. Wang, Y. Wu, J. Zhang, M. Liu,Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Impacts of the Contact Angle to Flue Gas Water Vapor Condensation Incurring Heat Transfer,  Energy Procedia 70 (2015) 515-524.
  • X. Zhang, J. Shen, W. He, P. Xu, X. Zhao*,Comparative Study of a Novel Liquid-vapour Separator Incorporated Gravitational Loop Heat Pipe against the Conventional Gravitational Straight and Loop Heat Pipes – Part I: Conceptual Development and Theoretical Analyses, Energy Conversion and Management 90 (2015) 409–426.
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  • Materials for energy efficiency and comfort in buildings and occupied spaces, Woodhead Publishing Limited, UK, 2010
  • Nearly zero energy building refurbishment, Springer – Verlag London, 2013 – one of top 100 best selling books in Amazon
  • Photovoltaic/Loop-Heat-Pipe Heat Pump Techno for Low-Carbon Buildings, Lambert Academic Publishing, UK, 2014

Contact details

Xudong Zhao

School of Engineering and Computer Science
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Cottingham Road,
Hull, HU6 7RX, UK

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