Where is The British School of Osteopathy Located

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Where is The British School of Osteopathy Located

Getting to the BSO Clinical/Teaching Centres

The BSO – Clinical Centre
98-118 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 0BQ

The BSO – Teaching Centre
275 Borough High Street
London SE1 1JE

Clinic appointments: 020 7089 5360
The BSO – Teaching Centre:
020 7407 0222
Student Admissions:
020 7089 5316
Fundraising: 020 7089 5336
Library: 020 7089 5324
Postgraduate Courses: 020 7089 5315
CPD Courses: 020 7089 5333
Research: 020 7089 5330

Where is The British School of Osteopathy Located, The BSO is the UK’s oldest and largest school of osteopathy, and has been championing osteopathic education, research and health care for the past 100 years.

Over 40% of practicing osteopaths in the UK are BSO graduates, and have benefitted from the high-quality of our academic programme, the breadth of experience and expertise of our teaching staff, and the wealth of clinical practice opportunities offered by the BSO clinic.

Our students come from all over the world, and range from school-leavers with a passion for osteopathy to those seeking a career change or to extend their existing skills at a later stage in life.

The clinic itself is the largest osteopathic teaching clinic in Europe, delivering about 40,000 appointments each year through our specialist facilities and at community venues. We are dedicated to osteopathic heath care for all, and a large proportion of our clinical treatment is delivered free-of-charge to disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community.

We strongly-support an evidence-informed approach, and have an active research department  who are regularly published in journals and invited to speak at conferences around the world.