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Warwickshire College Nursery Leamington Spa

Unique Reference Number (URN): 200800

Warwick New Road
Leamington Spa
CV32 5JE

Telephone number: 01926 318140

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Conditions of registration*

*Conditions are restrictions that Ofsted places on a registration. Providers must meet these conditions at all times they provide registered care, as well as other requirements for registration. It is an offence not to meet conditions unless the provider has a reasonable excuse. If there are no conditions displayed then Ofsted has not restricted the registration. Please note that a new Early Years Foundation Stage came into effect in September 2012. This changed the way we register providers on the Early Years Register: most providers now do not have conditions of registration as the requirements they must meet are set out clearly in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage.

Latest reportsInspection
pdf Inspection EYR inspection report 19 Sep 201119 Jan 2013
Previous reportsInspection
pdf Care inspection report 18 Sep 200727 Sep 2007
pdf Nursery Education inspection report 10 Jan 20059 Mar 2005
pdf Daycare inspection report 22 Sep 20037 Dec 2003

Concerns about providers

From 1 September 2012

One of three things will take place.

  • An inspection When we receive information about a provider – including when someone has a concern – our standard response will be to carry out a full inspection; we will write a report and publish it. The report will be available in the reports section above. In some cases we will need to investigate the specific information we receive before we can carry out the inspection.
  • Refer the information to the provider In some cases – after carrying out our risk assessment procedure – we decide that information we have received is of a minor nature and the provider is best placed to deal with it. We will write to the provider to tell them this and check when we next inspect that they took appropriate action.
  • Action to cancel the registration of the provider Very occasionally – where the matter is more serious – we will not carry out an inspection when we receive information but will take action to cancel the registration. In these cases we will publish the details of the action we take in the compliance section of the provider’s page.

For further information go to the Information for parents and carers page and the Compliance, investigation and enforcement: childminding and childcare page.

To 31 August 2012


Below are details of any complaints we investigated where:

  • we took action for the provider to meet statutory requirements
  • the provider took action to meet statutory requirements.

We did not publish any information about a complaint or concern where no action was taken.