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This is the website of The St George’s Vaccine Institute, an independent, non-commercial, academic institution part of St. George’s University of London which focuses on the epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases, human clinical trials of paediatric vaccines and vaccines against infectious diseases plaguing the most underprivileged members of the world community.

The first phase opened in 1996 as a combined clinical, scientific and educational facility, with the final official opening in 1998 by HRH The Princess Royal.
The links above provide further information about the resources, staff, research and educational activities, and ongoing studies
Please contact Dr Tatiana Munera ( for further information

St George’s Hospital

The Vaccine Institute is on the same site as St George’s Hospital NHS Trust which has over 800 beds with all specialties represented, including a purpose-built 18 bed Clinical Infectious Diseases Unit with high-level clinical isolation facilities.

The Hospital has full Emergency Room facilities. Comprehensive Intensive Care facilities are available, the hospital having General, Cardiac and Neurological Intensive Care units, renal dialysis, and is a regional tertiary referral centre of excellence.



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Contact Us

The Vaccine Institute
St George’s University of London
Jenner Wing, Level 0, Room 0.160, Mail Point J0B
Cranmer Terrace
SW17 0RE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 8725 3887
Fax: +44 20 8735 0170