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University of Worcester Ethics Form

These pages provide access to the University’s Ethics Policy which sets out the ethical principles and procedures for ethical review and approval that all researchers at the University of Worcester, staff and student, must adhere to.  It also highlights the procedures for approval that researchers wishing to work with NHS patients, staff or premises must follow.  In addition they direct you to the key ethical frameworks and guidelines provided by external bodies, both general and subject-specific, of which researchers should be aware and to legislation which may be relevant to your research (as well as providing some guidance to this legislation).

Ethics Policy

You can download the University Ethics Policy (PDF) here.

If you would like further information on the Policy you can contact:

Ethical Frameworks and Guidelines

As a researcher when you address the ethical implications of your work you should be familiar with various ethics frameworks and guidelines.

The two most significant ethics frameworks for researchers at UW are:

There are, however, a wide range of subject specific guidelines and codes of practice. What follows are a selection of these guidelines/codes: