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University of Wolverhampton Welcome Week

University of Wolverhampton Welcome Week

Welcome week

It’s a new year and it’s the start of the new semester. Welcome week has been and gone and wow! It has been a busy and exciting time. Not just because of the free stuff that the Students’ Union were giving out, or the variety of events that they put on, but for the sheer buzz and excitement of the new and returning students.

I think that we had around six thousand new starters this past week, and even thou I work in the Students’ Union, I was also one of those returning students. I managed to get myself enrolled onto evision and have now just got to select my modules. I know what I’m doing already cus I met with my module leader and discussed my options over the summer. The nerd in me is really excited about getting myself back into the library and ready to submerge myself under a pile of books for another year.

So, this will be my second and final year on my Masters course for Conflict Studies and then I will have the summer for my dissertation. If you want to see how I cope with the pressures of finding that balance between, Work. Social, Family, Leisure and Sleep, then keep reading. I will be delivering you a taste of all. I would very much like to make this an interactive blog, so I welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.  Feel free to email me or come over and see me at the Students’ Union in MD building.

For now I would like to welcome you to my blog, welcome to the university and welcome to my world.  Now I need to rest my weak legs and get some rest before my lectures start.

Bye for now.

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In addition to the pre-arrival checklist, there are some key things you should do after arrival:

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