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University of Wolverhampton Student Email

University of Wolverhampton Student Email

Student Email – Office 365


The University provides students with an email account hosted on Microsoft’s Office 365 service.

It includes:

  • 50GB of mail storage space.
  • Calendar and Contacts(People).
  • Access from Mobile devices.
  • OneDrive storage.
  • Access to install 5 copies of Microsoft Office 365.

To login to your student email account use the following link:

Self Help materials

Other helpful links

IT Services will NEVER ask you for your username and password by email.

Forward your email to another account

If you already have your own personal email account, you can easily forward your University Office 365 emails to it, so you don’t miss any important messages.

Once you’ve logged in to your Office 365 Mail:

1.  At the top of the page, select the Settings Cog. 

office 365 mail settings 

2.  Under Your app settings, choose Mail. 

3.  Go to Accounts > Forwarding. If you don’t see this option, it’s not available for your account.


4.  Select Start forwarding and enter the email address of the account you want to forward your University email to.

5.  Keep a copy of the forwarded messages in Outlook Web App. If you leave this box ticked, a copy of your emails will remain in your Office 365 email account.

6  Click SAVE.


  • You should regularly check your non-University account, as it can cause problems if mail is rejected from the other address (e.g. if the Inbox is full).
  • The University can take no responsibility for the functioning of external mail services, and cannot guarantee that forwarded mail will reach an external service.
  • If the Settings Cog doesn’t appear, try using an alternative web browser such as Firefox.